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Having our cake &

eating it too. Since I want a traditional cake & a dessert bar/table, we decided to have 4 varieties of cupcakes instead of a bunch of cakes that have to be cut. The cake it self it will be a 3 tier fondant covered DIY, but 2 tiers will be fake. Now I'm trying to figure out which tier should be real cake. I've been researching and I seen all 3 tiers cut at weddings which didn't help me at all...go figure. Plus I don't want to waste anything, if possible. So I narrowed it down to top or middle for real cake, but I'm not sure how messy cutting from the top would be. Which tier would you rather cut top or middle?

PS I will be place each tier on the appropriate size cake board, so we won't accidently cut or ingest styrafoam and here's a pic of what I want to create. Thanks

Re: Having our cake &

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    My suggestion: If you're wanting 2 layers to be fake the top layer would be the one you would eat from.
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    Is your entire cake the same flavor? If not, I would cut the layer that you like the best.  Ours was chocolate, white and red velvet, we love red velvet so we cut that layer which was the bottom one.

    I would go top layer, if you have heels on and he's taller than you, that level would seem to be more comfortable, plus the photographer can get a better picture.
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    I would go with the bottom not everyone cuts from the top so if the bottom layer is real then only cut the bottom n it makes it easier to put on a plate since its on the bottom
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    We cut from the bottom layer, but I am short... I can see the top one working well too...

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    I would say the top, wouldn't the top 2 layers collapse down if you cut from the bottom? Plus I think that cutting from the top would be easier and less messy. JMO
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    I say cut from the bottom.  The cake is always taken down to give to guests any how.  This can be done in the kitchen after the cake cutting.
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    I've never seen anyone cut from the top. So I'll say the bottom layer. It also depends on the # of guests. Although you're having a dessert table, a lot of people may still want cake.
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