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Did you get everything taken care of(Re: Sticky Situation)? are you on the facebook group if so I am Syl via//Also I need your email address :-)

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    Hey!  Well...I kinda did get it taken care of.  We were supposed to meet with the minister the end of this month because FI's mom is scheduling a bridal shower for me.  The problem is I pushed the date back, because I thought that she needed more time to plan and I forgot about the fact that we were supposed to meet with the minister and FI has a weird work schedule so he wouldn't be able to come.  So, I'm not really sure now.  FI said the other night that we probably should just get a judge, but I told him that he should talk to the minister himself and tell him that.  I'm not comfortable doing that.  Anyways, I am going to send you a PM with my e-mail address.  No I'm not on facebook.  Thanks for inquiring about my situation.
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