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Bridal Magazines

Is it just me, or are the magazines geared towards brides to be VERY expensive? I picked up a Martha Stewart mag, and I could've swore the label said 13.95

Re: Bridal Magazines

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    Yes they can get quite ridiculous. But im sad to say that im addicted to them lol. Not the martha stewarts one. The knot and the bridal guide. They usaually run around $5.
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    martha's wedding website tools are great though. I dont read the mag, but the website tools are soooo helpful.
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    Wedding magazines are expensives and they all have the same things across, nothing new. LOL! But I love them. I decided to stop buying them, so i go to Borders or Barnes & Nobles to read them...
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    The store here where I work had the style mag for 5.95 ..I'm like SHEESH...But I bought it anyway...i'm such a sucker...lol
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    I've been on her wedding site as well, and I totally agree with you...EXTREMELY informative...
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    There's a Borders about a block from hear..I hardly have the time between work, and the gym to sit and read them though....
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    LOL...MyPasmita! I do the same thing too! I spent 4 hours at our local Barnes and Nobles a few weeks ago. Then they started making intercom announcements that only customers are allowed to sit in the Starbucks area (which is where I was). Needless to say, I go a cup of coffee and spent 2 hours drinking it!
    Oh and to make matters worse, I had a notebook and was jotting down things I liked. Also used my cell to take pics of things I wanted and emailed the pics to myself.
    I get a ton of Project Management magazines at home. I haven't opened a single one and didn't want to spend money on yet another magazine that'll take up space on my already cluttered coffee table.
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    After I finally got everything planned I broke my addiction.  I needed to stop seeing something that made me rethink my decisions.  But it was hard!  I now go and sneak peaks at Barnes and Noble. But yeah they are a tad on the expensive side but I guess it's because they don't come out every month. 
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    maybe i need to pencil in time to sit in the book stores...lol
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    Thank goodness I haven't brought one yet! lol! Because I am sure that I would become addicted! And like you all said, those books are too expensive.
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    @KSTURGIS and Wheatney22
    I totally agree I'm addicted as well my FI is always checking my stack to see if it has gotten any higher, but I have subscribed to a couple to ease the $$ blow, but they are expensive and when we do go to B&N I have my notebook and my camera phone snapping pics and jotting down notes and my latté and I'm good to go. It's like you can never have enough information and ideas that you might want to incorporate.
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    Don't forget that everyone can usually get free subscriptions to these mags at Bridal shows too! (I have 2 from bridal shows...if anyone wants them PM me and they're yours :) )
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  • ladylumladylum member
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    I have bought or looked at one in years. Had no clue. I'm an offbeat bride though so they mostly would not apply to me.
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    LOL @ Wheatney! You better take 2 hours drinking Starbucks. AND you cracked me up jotting notes. lol. Were you looking like you were studying for wedding midterms?
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    Yeah they are crazy!  I love The Knot and Brides magazine though.  I just go to Barnes and Nobles to read them.  I have a free subscription to Brides magazine now though.  Yas, I think you will be getting one too, right because you get a free subscription for going to the Carolina Wedding Show.
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    $13??? Girl, I had to lean over into my stack and check to see if I paid that much for Martha, unaware! LOL! :-) Here in GA, her mags only run $5.95. However, I totally understand what you mean. I have seen other bridal magazines run upwards of $12-20. And there they remained. I'm not doing it. LOL

    Do you have a mini-network of girlfriends that may have some magazines you can borrow or trade? I know 3 other ladies getting married this year and we've been able to pay it forward in regards to mags.

    As pp mentioned, Martha's website is AWESOME and a great resource!

    And yes... A couple hours here and there in Borders and/pr Barnes & Noble cost you nothing. LOL
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