WOW... $5K

So my mom asked my grandpa if he was planning on helping with my wedding (pretty much since my mom is broke and my dad passed away and he is my only grandpa!) and he said yes. He told my mom he was going to give us $5K!!!! Which obviously blows me away but also makes me feel bad. I know he really wants to help us since my dad isn't here (FI and I are paying for it all oursevles while he finishes up his masters-aka we are broke). This is sooo generous! FI doesn't really want to accept it, but my g-pa wouldn't offer if he couldn't afford it or didn't want us to have it. Also, we would not use all of the money on the wedding-we would spread it out for our new place, savings, wedding, and maybe honeymoon. PS- I think I am the only granddaughter (or grandkid) that he has helped out. Obviously we are not telling this to anyone. I think my mom feels releaved and off the hook (for helping which is kinda frusterating). Either way just had to share the good (but kinda hard to handle news). My grandpa is amazing!

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    That is so awesome! What a nice suprise.
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    That is awesome! I'm glad your family can help out -weddings are expensive! :) PiperP.S. Of course you should accept -it will make him happy and make the occassion more special for him. -At least it has been that way with my family.
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    Oh trisha I'm so excited for you! That is really nice of him. You are right that your G-pa wouldn't have offered if he couldn't spare it. FI and you just got a very generous gift! What a sweet Grndpa you have!
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    yay grandpa! :)
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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    that's what grandpa's do :)  yay!!! take the money-he obviously wants to help make your day special...good idea to keep it quiet so nobody gets hurt feels but yay for you!  good happens :)
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    Thats fantastic. So where are you putting that to use. Have you paid for your HM yet?
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    Trisha, that is great news!  Yes, it sucks about your mom, but it sounds like you know how she is.  That is super sweet and I'm really happy for you!
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    Wow! I understand that you feel a little bad and part of you doesn't feel like you should accept it. I felt the same way about the money my mom was giving us. But PP are right, he knows what he can afford, and keeping it quiet is wise.Perhaps do something on your honeymoon that you specifically pay with some of that money (a particular tour, etc) and send your grandpa a postcard and picture from that event saying that it was just for him!Also - is there something you can do for your grandpa to show him your appreciation? I know people really like the gift of time most of all - perhaps take a day or afternoon to do something with him that you know he'd love: picnic, sports game, dinner out, zoo, museum, etc.Congratulations! And what a sweeeeet grandpa!
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    That's awesome! Congrats.
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    Thanks girls for the support and sharing the excitement with me!
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