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    Syrenity- how are you DIYing your first dance song? Sounds cool. (maybe a stupid quesiton but i'm interested!)
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    One of my favorite things to do is write poetry. I also have been in a choir or praise team at church for a long time. when I started the church choir they had a vocal coach who also taught piano, had his own studio and is a freaking musical GENIOUS!!! (I really cant stress that enough.) a while back I started writing songs and didnt want something for FI and I to dance to that 50,000 brides around the world were dancing to at the same time, so I asked FI to write me a love letter, I wrote my part, took peices of his love letter for his part, added parts of the Bible for the chorus and now I just to write the bridge/"hook" for it and I will be all set to go to the studio. Fi has a nice voice but doesnt want to sing so my old vocal coach will be dueting with me for the song. He's only charging $70/session which is awesome since he is making the music and sharing his voice.  Sorry so long.
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    I just re-read that I it sounded really rude. I apologize. I meant to say that I couldnt find a song that meant a lot to both of us and didnt want to pick just any old song because it was popular. I know that you ladies put a LOT of thought into everything wedding related and I perfusely apologize to everyone about that statement. Please forgive. me. I dont want to DD so I will leave this and that post there.
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    syrentiti~ chill, you didn't sound rude....you're still a-ok in my book... :)
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