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My next big task to tackle is accessories. I'm hoping you girls can give me some advice. Here is what I'm thinking...My dress has a ton of sparkles on the top bust area (its Maggie Sottero's "Michelle" in white http://tinyurl.com/MaggieSottero-Michelle)I'm not going to wear a necklace because I think it would be too much. I love big bangle earrings so I would like to find a pair that is fun and elegant, and lastly I'm not doing a veil, and I will have my hair down with loose waves or curls. I would like to have a hair clip pulling some hair back on one side to show the earrings. Does it sound like too much to do big bangle earrings and a hair clip with the sparkle bust on the dress?  Also, any advice on where to go to find a good selection of hair accessories? I Do Bridal didn't have much, and David's was a total bust.TIA!D

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    I don't think the hair accessories and big earring would be too much at all. The clips would only show from the side or the back anyhow. No necklace is a good idea, a collar bone without a necklace is so elegant. Have you tried going to etsy.com yet? Beautiful things at really exceptional pricing. Give yourself some time to go through what they have to offer, it's crazy how many beautiful things they have.
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    Rhinestone Rosie's in Queen Anne might be fun.  She buys/fixes/sells costume jewelry from all decades so there's lots of fun and pretty stuff there. 
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    I have the same style neck line with my dress. I am thinking of going with a thick braclete and some long chandlier earings. I put it on my list to chick out the store in queen Anne as well.
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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I will definitely check them out. My Mom and I are dedicating next weekend to wedding stuff so I think I will hit the store in Queen Anne Saturday. I'm excited to get my look finalized!
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    Check out the "fashion jewelery" in Nordstroms and Macy's. I think you'll be fine with big dangly earrings and hair clip, especially since you're not doing a necklace or veil.
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