Bellevue Dress Shop Recs Please

Hi girls,I'm sure it's been brought up before, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for dress shops in Bellevue. My dress budget is $1000 and under. I've already been to a couple of the popular ones in Seattle (I Do, Pearls & Lace, etc.)Thanks in advance!!!

Re: Bellevue Dress Shop Recs Please

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    Try searching bridal shops in Bellevue, WA on yelp.com.  Then when you have names (and know which are the best reviewed), you can just search the names in google to see what reviews are out there on each of them.  I've heard pretty good things about Bellevue Bridal, fwiw. 
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    there is La Belle Reve in downtown bellevue, and Amanda's Bridal Boutique in downtown-ish redmond.there's also voletta couture, but dresses there are $2000-3000+. 
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    I've heard good things about Amanda's Bridal boutique in Redmond. My MOH had a horrid experience at Brides by Demetrios in Bellevue, plus most of their dresses are over $1k. Have you looked at Cynderellie's Closet in Edmonds? They're really nice and have quite a few in that range as well.
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    Try Moms, Maids and More.
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  • I didn't purchase from any of these stores (found my dress somewhere else), but I had good experiences at Bellevue Bridal and La Belle Reve (downtown Bellevue) and a great experience at Amanda's Bridal Boutique (downtown Redmond)
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