Mikes amazing cakes?

I really wanted to go with creative cake designs but unfortunately robbi cant meet with me due to a family emergency. What I loved about her was her extensive flavor list and can't quite find anyone else with comparable price and selection. Have any of you girls liked Mikes? I think I read a while back that some had a not so amazing experience.. But their flavors look so tasty! Care to share any details? Thanks!

Re: Mikes amazing cakes?

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    The front office staff is hard to work with so be prepared for disorganization and bad service from them.... that was the only problem though. The cake was AMAZING and tasted great. Many people were shocked how it didn't even look like a cake.So I would pick them again even with the silly front office staff.
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    I didn't enjoy working with them and only picked them originally because it was cheap for a simple cake.  I hated how it tasted though and was willing to lose my deposit to switch to someone else... Granted, I wasn't interested in a fancy design and I do think they are good at that.
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    I got a quote from them for a fancy design grooms men cake and found it to be way more than I wanted to spend. I would try Kellie if you are looking for something not too elaberate. She has tons of flavors, even more than listed on her web site. You just have to ask her and I am sure she can do it.
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    K thanks girls this is all good to know! Ill definitely take a look at Kelli. Also found divine confections. Anybody work with them?
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    I am using New Renaissance, but her flavor list is pretty small (however, she will do custom flavors and one of ours is a custom another bride had that she included in our tasting and it's pretty wild... and amazingly yummy!). We also tasted Creme de la Creme and they had a much wider flavor selection.
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    I wasn't impressed with Mike's at all. Try Kingsleys. She did our grooms and cutting cake (it's on her site, it's the giant hot dog and cupcake) and it turned out so yummy. And it was like 1/4 of the price of Mike's. http://www.kingsleysdimensionaldesserts.com/
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