Mermaid Slip?

Hi ladies,Wondering if any of you have a mermaid slip you will have used and want to part with? I am trying to get one for really cheap but they are all $40-$50 bucks! I am getting married 5/29/10.Thanks!

Re: Mermaid Slip?

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    I have one, but it's been dyed jet black. It's a size 0 from DB. Email me if you're interested uwhuskygirl (at) gmail (dot) com
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    WOW the black would have been awesome, but I'm a size 6... thanks though!! :)
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    Hey :) I have a mermaid slip I bought from ebay for $56. Its a size small--I'm a 2-4 but it stretches and could fit a 6. I'm not sure yet if I will need it, but it's never been worn...and it's white. How soon do you need to buy one and what are you looking to spend?
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    I only need it for next May so I have time, but I was only looking to spend aruond $25-$30...
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    Hey,If you want to give me your email I'll let you know when I decide what to do with the slip. But if you find a good deal elsewhere I'd go with that, since I may decide to keep it :)My email is [email protected]
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