I THINK we finally settled on our HM!!

We started with Italy, then moved to Fiji, then it was Bora Bora/Moorea, and now I think that MAYBE we've really decided on our HM.... Belize! At first, we wanted to do Italy because we had such an awesome trip to Greece this summer, but then we decided that a beachy trip was probably better for a HM and wanted to save Italy for our next vacation instead. Then, I was thinking Fiji/Tahiti/etc, but my FI is really down on the lengthy travel times to get there, so he really wanted to go somewhere closer. We went to Hawaii earlier this year, and I've done the Caribbean before a few times, and we're going to Mexico in November (plus we have both been there quite a few times), so Central America was the best bet for somewhere new to both of us that was still fairly close by and beachy. We're going to sit on it for a few more days, but I think that we're going to book our hotels by the end of the week. We settled on... 7 nights at the Turtle Inn in a honeymoon cottage: http://www.coppolaresorts.com/turtleinn/dwellings/honeymoon-cottages 3 nights at Cayo Espanto in the overwater bungalow: http://www.aprivateisland.com/ventanas.htmlIn addition to the rooms, we'll have all of our meals included, a snorkel trip at each place, a Monkey River trip at the first hotel, and a massage or spa treatment at each place... plus transfers to/from the airport, which is nice not to have to worry about it (particularly when small flights are needed to get to each location!).

Re: I THINK we finally settled on our HM!!

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