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#2 honeymoon

my parents go on vacation every year,and this year has been a rough couple of months for my mom with my little brother getting shot,her sister's death so her wish is that we go as a ive decided to go and i was gonna leave my husband here because he was stressing,about money becasuse hes not working,but with all that hes coming with that my parents told us this would be like a second honeymoon because had to come home to see  my brother,but the only problem is we wont have our own room,and there paying for half so im not complaing,
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Re: #2 honeymoon

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    FabbiegirlFabbiegirl member
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    Where are you all traveling to?  Wherever it is, I hope you guys have a good time.  It wouldn't be like a second honeymoon for me if I was in a room with someone else though.  lol

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    M1ssJM1ssJ member
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    Yeah call it "our 1st family vacation" not a second honeymoon lol
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    [QUOTE]<strong>Yeah call it "our 1st family vacation</strong>" not a second honeymoon lol
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    Right!! But whatever you wanna call it, have fun & enjoy your trip!!
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