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I'm back as Mrs. Ellis! (very very long!)

Good Morning Ladies:

Well, I'm back!  DH and I are still trying to take in this whole marriage thing.  We're so excited we dont' even know what to do with ourselves!  We're trying to proceed with life "as usual" but to be honest we aren't doing a good job at it.  It's interesting:  things are the same, but then they're so different!  Don't know if that makes any real sense...

OK, on to the details:  when I signed off of Friday I'd just returned home from the rehearsal dinner.  Now, Friday was really hard for me because I was sick all day (mostly tired and had a severe sinus headache, and oh yea, I got stung by a bee!), so my sister doped me up with benedryl and put me to bed (gotta love her!)  Fortuntately I didn't have a bad reaction from the bee sting.  Nothing was on time - the rehearsal began an hour late, which pushed back the rehearsal dinner as well.  However, it wasn't too bad because we got to watch LSU win the Cotton Bowl! (Yippee!!)  But once we got home and I took the drugs and went to sleep I was OK.

Woke up early Saturday morning and guess what???  My voice was fading away fast but I felt sooo much better!  So my sister cooked breakfast and we went out for some shopping therapy to keep me calm.  We did pick up items to help soothe my vocal chords but never got around to taking any of it.  So, once we arrived at the church to get dressed, it occurred to the both of us that I may not be able to say my vows.  My sister made a joke of it and stated, "well, you couldn't talk when the two of you met, so I guess it's fitting that you can't talk now!" Had to laugh because it was true.  So, we're dressed, the photographer comes and takes a few shots of us and then we're waiting.  Oh, forgot to mention that they managed to take my watch and my cell phone so I wouldn't know what time it was.  Well, that was a good thing in the end because I found out on Sunday that the ceremony started about 10 minutes late....
Ok, the wedding begins and everyone's walking in.  That's cool.  Now this is the hilarious part:  when my sister (MOH) is about to walk in, our pastor tells the congregation to rise!  So, my sister notices that people are standing for her and she's standing at the back of the church shaking her head "no" so the pastor could tell everyone to sit back down!  Now, my pastor never really met my twin sister, so he really thought it was me - but in a black dress!.  My husband said he told pastor, "that's not her, it's her sister" and the pastor told him, "oh, so you get two for one!"  But then he directs the congregation to be seated again - then my sister proceeds to walk down the aisle.  We were wondering if someone would mix us up - and someone really did!  Ok, at this point I'm standing in the back of the church trying not to laugh because it really was funny!  Well, then it's my turn.  I thought I would suddenly become nervous and start crying, but instead I decided to concentrate on taking in everything as I walked down the ailse with my father.  I'm so glad I did.  My biggest fear in all of this was having all the attention on me and I think I handled it pretty well.  So, I'm handed to DH and he and my Dad shake hands, hug, etc. and no one lifts my veil.  So I had to tell one of them to lift it because I didn't want to go through the ceremony with it over my face.  so DH does it and we proceed to the altar.  Everything went smoothly - I'm glad I only had to say "I do" twice during to ceremony because remember I 'm losing my voice and if I had to repeat anything no one would have been able to hear me. 

The reception went well.  Of course many people that RSVPed didn't show, and there were some that didn't RSVP that did, so everything balanced out.  The best part of the reception for me personally was dancing with my Dad.  We swung out instead of doing the traditional daddy slow song, and everyone enjoyed seeing him dance!  We danced, laughed, ate, and enjoyed ourselves.  It was a great day that I don't think either of us will ever forget.  As soon as we get the pics I'll post them.  I had a couple on my camera but I forgot to download them.....and my batteries went dead so my cousin only got shots up until I walked in...

Now, we gotta get used to being married now!  Must say we're enjoying the process!Wink
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Re: I'm back as Mrs. Ellis! (very very long!)

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