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Are you trying to shed pounds for the big day? And if so...is it working for you? How are you staying motivated?

Re: Dieting

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     I am trying to lose 10 pound before i get married. but I 'm having a hard time staying on track. I have over a year to lose the weight , But I want to get fit now so when the time come to try on dresses .i want be starving myself.
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    Well, not exactly.  But I have been talking to my BF about wanting to lose some weight -- he's a football player, so he works out everyday, and that still doesn't motivate me!  I teach dance twice a week, but obviously that doesn't do a whole lot!  So, the other day I was talking about it again and told him I needed some sort of encouragement - a day or event to lose it for, and told him we should just set a day so I could get motivated.  He pulled April 25, 2011 out of the air (25 is his football number), and although that's a Tuesday, we actually sat and looked at a calendar for dates around that time... We shall see, we settled on May 7,2011 - so, I'm just going to start using that day - but I need tips!! Obviously, it's hard to motivate me!

    *sorry, I know that's not really what you asked, just in the realm.

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    In the beginning I was. But I've fallen off the wagon so many times that Ive pretty much given up trying. I have just been incorporating healthier items into my daily life.

    Its hard sometimes. Fi is a chef and he loves to experiment. And of course, Im the main test dummy. lol
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    I have been trying really hard, esp since I picked up my dress almost two weeks ago. It fits, its actually too big. But I want to tone my hereditary "my mama is from Central Ga" arms , and upper backfat. So I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio 6 days a week at the gym, and lifting light weights about 2 a week, tonight I start back with my personal trainer who helped me get fine for my epics. So by the wedding, I dont have a specific number, just specific inches I want to lose. I am aiming for 6 inches in the waist and hips and 5 inches in my arms and back
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    I am trying. I've lost some but nowhere close to where I'd hoped to be at this point. I only have 39 days until the wedding and a dress fitting next week. So, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, hitting the gym 4 days a week, following weight watchers and hoping my body suddenly falls in line with my plan.
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    I try to work out 4 times a week, but i've been slacking...so this week...i'm getting back into the swing of things

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    that's my dad's bday....But yeah it's easy to put the weight on, but 3 times as hard to get it off...
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    I pretty much have cut carbs out of my diet...I want to look good in my dress...without having to use a BODYMAGIC...LOL
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    I attend a class here called cardiofunk, and it's no joke...45 mins of straight cardio with a 20 min cool down...Good Luck! I am sure that you'll reach your goal...
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    Spim7 ...I soooo feel you....It's like you work so hard, and still your body does what it wants.lol
  • essianessian member
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    I am also trying to loose about 20 pounds before the big day in June. I have lost a few pounds but not as much as I expected.I have been doing pretty well with eating 5 small meals a day. However, I haven't been too consistent with my workouts.

    June is now 3 months away so I am going to give it my all and workout at least 4 times a day.The thing is, I ordered a size down from my original dress size(to motivate me) so I need to loose the weight to fit into my gown.My gown should be here by the end of March so at this point, I have no choice but to loose the weight:)

    It ain't easy but I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

    Let's stay focused ladies and keep our eyes on the prize!

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    I started seeing a nutritionist. I have had issues with sweets most of my life so I figured I needed some guidance with that. Especially since I work out 5-days a week for 45 minutes or more and have put on 28 lbs in the last 2 years.
    So far, I am consuming more vegetables and diary per the plan my nutritionist put me on.
    Eitherways, I am sure we'll all look beautiful on our big day.
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    I have been trying and have lost 20lbs since the first of the year. I hope to lose 100 lbs before the wedding June 2011. I am doing the atkins diet.
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    Good Morning Ladies,
    I am a little late on the subject, but I have lost nearly 14 pounds since the beginning of the year without any exercise what's so ever.  I follow the WW point system which is really good for me because, I have never been a diet type person.  I stop eating out so much and start planning out my meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as taking daily multi-vitamins.  Below are my measurement before I ordered my dress Dec 28th and measurements when I picked up my dress last Thursday, Feb 25th

    Before    After
    Bust 39    37 3/4
    Waist 34   32 1/2
    Bottom 40  391/2
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    GL to all you ladies!!!  try INSANITY or P90X workouts, they will get you right.  but they are very very hard too.  I am not trying to lose weight necessarily, but trying to tone, i've just increased the intensity of my workouts overall and figured i dont need a trainer to kick my butt at the gym, i should do it myself! so thats where i am at, i 'accidentally' lost 10 pounds in january, but nothing in feb, strange but def welcomed considering i still ate what i wanted
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    Good luck Ladies..I am sure that whatever our goals may be...even if we don't reach them...we will still be stunning on our big day!
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