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It is finally here... (VERY LONG) SORRY!

The day I have been waiting for is finally here, but now I am a big ball of emotions :-(.  Funny thing I was good.  I had everything organized, packed up ready to go didn't let anything stress me, enjoyed my walk on the beach with FI last night and our late last minute talk about everything wedding.  I did hate having to leave him downstairs :-( but he is very much sticking to the traditional ways of not seeing each other the night before so the last time I saw him was 11:44pm.  Our wedding isn't until 7 this evening and I am going to hate not seeing him the whole day.  I tried to convince him we could start at 12 noon today but he wasn't falling for it. Even his mom said we should spend that time together but he isn't budging.  So tmrw we will eat breakfast apart from each other.  It's hard knowing he is right there and we can't spend the time, though I am used to him being away overseas it just isn't the same when you know.  

OK, so it is 5:19am and I have no clue why I can not get back to sleep, I am sure it has something to do with my friend calling at 4:34am (my nephew hadn't made it back to my sisters and may miss their flight) and then me sitting up to have a conversation with God to keep our family and friends safe and to put a hedge of protection over them this day and everyday to follow.  Of course that lead to my conversation with God to thank him for the wonderful blessings he has provided in my life, which was followed by tears and more tears, which of course got worst as I realized tmrw I have to walk down that aisle.

I know I told most of you this is the one thing I am dreading the most about my wedding day.  So I mentally did the walk in my head took two steps and then turned around and bailed.  I tried to mentally think about my sweetie standing there on the other end and mentally I so desperately wanted to walk down to him, but even in my mind I couldn't do it.  I am dreading this walk, the pictures, the smiles and the attention so much right now.  I know when it is time I will do what I have to do, so I hope! But I am going to be praying I can do it without the tears at least until I get to the alter. 

Ok, so of course now I can't sleep and while I was calm and cool for the most part all week now I am sitting here but it is cool because as I write these words I am going to once again have a conversation with God that he helps me to ease my own mind take it one step at a time and get me through the walking down the aisle part of the day, followed by the next dreaded event of my night, the first dance when once again all eyes will be on us, at least then I can cover my face and snuggle into my husbands (LOL that felt good typing that) shoulder.

I have more smiles than tears now, and I think I can go back to sleep.  Lets pray my phone doesn't ring again before 12 (getting up only to order room service) at least because I plan to try to sleep in today that will help me avoid the thoughts of missing my baby :-) 

I can't wait to get through this day because I am ecstatic to become the Mrs. I think that will take precedence over all else.

Anyway, I know this was long sorry guys.  I want to thank all the Knotties that have been here peering through these posts, offering advice or taking advice for yourself.  Many blessings and prayers for all of you on your wedding day and the days leading up to it that come.  The night before turn your phone's off (my advice) :-) this way you avoid the stressful calls in the middle of the night :-) rather morning.

The next time I post I will more than likely be the MRS. unless of course I get bored and decide to log back in sooner :-) which is a huge possibility, my wedding preps won't start until later this evening so I have a whole day to relax and think about everything under the sun.  I did all I could do and walked through the details and wrote up check list last night so I believe I am good.  Though now I am thinking I want to go see the sun rise over the beach and hopefully catch a glimpse of the dolphins that come to visit.  (I WON"T) I will keep my behind in bed though I want to.  Maybe I will talk the Mr. into doing that tmrw morning if after that night we have the strength to even get up this early.  

Can't wait and I will see you all again on TK once I cross over to the other side.  Oh yeah I have a funny story to share that may be helpful for you gals will share tmrw or the day after...LOL!  

PS FI is dreading the toast (thats why we had the late night talk me  helping him get ready I left when he started to fall asleep) and wants some of our guests to leave even with 34 counting us and the kids he wants less people here because he also dreads the attention....LOL!


Good Morning, I am off to bed again no more tears a huge smile and I am relaxed once again YAY!!!!


Re: It is finally here... (VERY LONG) SORRY!

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    First of all congratulations on your wedding today.  I do remember an earlier post where you'll was having a small intimate wedding because of all the attention.  You and your FI (soon-to-be husband) will be just fine and it's sweet your FI is going the old  traditional way not seeing his bride before.  My FI is the same way.  I know you'll be fine because you have already had a long conversation with GOD.  Again Congratulations and come back with pictures.

    BTW: Great idea about turning off the phone!!!
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    Congratulations sweetie!! May God bless your wedding and your marriage and calm your nerves during the attention. I will keep you in my thoughts today and I can't wait for you to come back to fb and TK with pix!
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    Congratulations! Aweee I hope the nerves settle and you too can enjoy your day!!! Have fun!!
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    Thanks for the advice! I am so happy for you and I pray that your day will be awesome! I just know that once you get at the top of the aisle that you will be ready to get to your hubby! Can't wait to see your pictures!
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    Congrats and good luck!!
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    I know I'm late, but I know that everything went well and those nerves were overpowered by L-O-V-E! Congratulations, Mrs!
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