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Yall this house crap is really getting on my nerves...FI was supposed to move out of his house May 16 and construction was supposed to start June 20. Well now they just called him and told him that he won't move out until July or August and that we won't be in the house until November...this TOTALLY messed up our financial plans to pay for the wedding month to month starting in September since I was going to be out of my apartment and have less bills....Now bae says that we have to push the wedding back AGAIN....for the 3RD FCUKING TIME....DUE TO THIS DAMN HOUSE....I give up literally. I am just going to tell him that we can have a considerably small ceremony and reception and call it a we can't even have the 10k wedding we want to have. I am literally outdone and losing hope and giving up......CryCry


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    I am sorry this is happening to you but you should see God's blessing of giving you guys a house in the end.

    I would go with your plan of an intimate ceremony and save for the reception you want when you can afford it. No reason to give up on your dream!

    Pray about it and talk to FI
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    Don't feel defeated! Life is always going to throw you curve balls. I agree that having a smaller ceremony is a great idea. You can always have a huge vow renewal later or a kick butt anniversary party!

    I know exactly how you feel. I bought my home from a seller doing a short sell when she was about to be foreclosed on. During this time everyone was doing short sales and the normal time was 6 months to a YEAR to close b/c of all the red tape. I wanted to cry too when my close date was pushed back not 3 not 6 but 8 times!!!!

    Keep your head up, everything happens for a reason!
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  • Hang in there.  Honestly, I've moved, postponed, cancelled my date FOUR times.  We planned our first wedding in 2006!!  It is now 2012 and it's still not the year we are going to marry.  That WILL BE (I am so claiming it) in 2013.  This time around the postponement is due to medical issues for my Dude.  This time around is very emotional for me but I stay in prayer and I am keeping the faith.   I know postponing is disappointing and yes, defeating but it is just a temporary setback.  Talk to your FH and do what feels right and best for the both of you regarding your wedding.

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  • Thanks everyone.....I am really just tired of this house. I know he is more tired of it than me because he is there most of the time with all his electrical stiuff a/c, alarm goes off and its DISCONNECTED, etc. I talked to him last night when he got off work and we couldnt come to an agreement on ANYTHING....I offered to have a smaller reception and not have a grandiose wedding...he said no. I said well what about a destination I damn near offered everything I could think of and he was against it...WHY you wonder?? Well this will be his 2nd marriage my first. He and his ex-wife went to the JP got married and had a small reception afterwards. He said that he didnt want that for me because he feels that I should have the wedding I want.... Ya''ll my patience with the aggin (iread it backwards..I'm tryin gto stop using that word)  was already damn near non-existent...I told him that I didnt know what else to offer. I won't hate him if I can't have 250 people at a wedding and the end I just want us to be MARRIED....

    I told him let's scale it down to 100 people 75 if we could swing it. I told him I thank him for wanting what he wants for me but I know how to be logical and we can compromise and come up with something that both of us will be happy with.

    To no avail we came up with NOTHING. So I just prayed about it and I have let it go.....I told him I was stepping back from wedding planning until we could come to a head and agree on something. So to all getting married soon CONGRATS!! I hope that your days are blessed with joy and happiness!! I am going to sign off for a while until I know what is going on!!

    Love you ladies much and (in my Martin voice) SEE YA WHEN I SEE YA PEACCCCCCCCCCCCCE!

  • Aww! Don't go!!!! Girl, you were right to give it to GOD. He has the power to show you who is GOD. I'm sure there is a great blessing in store for you and FI, just hold on to God's unchanging hand! Don't tell GOD how big your storm is......tell that storm how big your GOD is!!!!!! Please excuse me because I was in it just then girl! LOL! Love ya little Case!!!
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  • OMG I think due to the Knot monster I am just seeing this post. Casey I'm sooo sorry :( I agree with Miss J in the end you will have a house and you will be married! It sucks when it can't happen on our time but God has a plan. Just trust him even when it hurts. Maybe taking some time away from the wedding planning will allow both you and FI to think and come to an agreement. I really hope everything works out. :(
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