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Prayer Request for FI

Hey everyone,
Can you please do a quick @ desk prayer for my FI.  Today (actually right now) he is taking his Medicine Boards.  He's taking the pediatrics one in November.  He is so worked up about this thing that we've been arguing like crazy over the last two weeks over everything.  I didnt realized that this test was the issue until last night... when he called off the freaking wedding... smh.  Dont worry, we are fine, and its back on but, my babe is really stressed about it.  Prob because he has Adult ADD and whenever he has to sit for exams like this is EXTREMELY hard for him.  So, if you guys could just send some prayers and good vibes towards him for focus, comfort during the exam, to remember all he already knows, and guidence towards the right answers and to not second guess himself when hes already got it.

Thanks in advanced.  I appreciated you guys... My knottie sisters are awesome. 
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Re: Prayer Request for FI


    I know when I took my nursing boards I was the same way... Sooo... praying for him through it!!!
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  • Done! Thank HIM in advance :)

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  • I felt like that about my nursing boards to,  Lukily for me the exam shot off at 81 questions.  He's got like 6 hours no matter what.  Theres not shut off for him.. I feel so bad, this dude I love can barely sit still for 20mins much less 6.  The day started out bad for him to because he couldnt find the place.  He was in a frantic and ended up calling me when he was due in 3mins to start exam and hadnt found the building yet....
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  • I know how he feels, I was antsy with my nursing boards too! We have claimed the VICTORY in the name of Jesus!
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  • Praying for your FI and claiming Victory for him!!!
  • And all of this we ask in Jesus name. Amen
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  • Done! Are yall gonna open a practice??? I thought about that when u said you were a nurse. :)
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  • Praying for the best exam he has EVER taken. 

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  • T's and P's is on the way !
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  • Prayers sent
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    [QUOTE]Done! Are yall gonna open a practice??? I thought about that when u said you were a nurse. :)
    Posted by MrsSmith2Be02[/QUOTE]

    Maybe like 10yrs in the future.  We are both still very fresh and he LOVES his job right now.  He treats basically migrant workers (today's slaves as he calls them) and these people are TRUELY in need.  Most have no insurance, alot are undocumented and come from families where health isnt a priority.  Plus its in an area that isnt full of "programs"  Its rural, not urban.  He said he really feels like he's doing God's work there & the people are appreciative of it.  He happily drives 1.5hrs to and then again from to his job everyday (until we close on the house).  He's worried that when (or if) we open practice it would start becoming more about the money than the service or the calling.
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    Your FI is amazing. You keep praying and pushing him towards success. Hoping for the best for yall!
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  • He is covered in Gods will and grace
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  • I'm a little late. But I will pray that he did well.
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