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Welcome to the Boards!!!! We are happy to have you here! You only have 1 month to go. Congratulations. If you don't mind...tell us a little about yourself, your fiance, wedding/wedding planning. Give us all the juicy details :-) 

Glad to have you here! 

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  • HEY!!! Thanx 4 the Welcome :) No I have about 7 months left lol (Feb 23, 2013). I was excited for RealHappyGal for only having a month left & Congrats to you too!!! I live in Orlando, FL currently in grad school at the University if Central Florida :) FI and I are both from St. Petersburg, FL so thats where "THE BIG DAY" will be at a hotel. He is away most of the year for football :( July-January, plays for the KC Chiefs, and I saw your post the other day about going to the NO vs KC game & got excited lol (Awesome gift). The planning is going ok so far. Ordered my dress, ordered the cake, booked the venue & MUA. Waiting on BMs to order their dress (deadline is Aug 31st). I've seen all the fun post about GM waiting until the last minute so I'm stressed out about that already lol. I get so many great ideas from you ladies!!! Love this board!
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  • Welcome Lady! Congrats! This is the best board girl! Look forward to planning with you....feel free to vent, pray..whatever..we are here sissy!
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  • Whooohooo!!! Will you be going to the game that weekend?!?!?! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding planning process. And post pics if you can. You know we love details!!! Lol! 7 months will fly by quickly. Once again congratulations!!! Cha
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:316660c9-2dca-4d17-97ef-24fd93804e06Post:e02e61c9-51bb-4ac7-8f52-c5987c3a7e7e">Re:Ladycane015</a>:
    [QUOTE]Whooohooo!!! Will you be going to the game that weekend?!?!?! Posted by CreoleBride30[/QUOTE]

    I'm not sure yet if I will be there. I need to see if anyone wants to take a trip to NOLA w/ me for the weekend. I usually just go to home games but I would love to go to that one! I'll let you know!!
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  • holy crap! a REAL footballwife!!!!!!
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  • Welcome Welcome and Congrats on your upcoming nuptials....

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  • Lol @footballwife77...almost lol :)  Thanx @misstira Congrats to you too!!
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  • Welcome to the best board!
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