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Some Qs for the MRS ??

I was just reading on some of the months boards and seen a post about having "afterwedding blues". Some where saying they thought ppl would still be raving about the day and how when they ask ppl did have a good time they just everything was nice. They where hoping for ppl to go into details for ex: say I love the beading on your dress..oh that chicken marsala was soo good and I loved the centerpieces..but thy're not getting that...They said now they wish they wouldn't of spend so much time and money if ppl was going to feel like that ...

Are you having afterwedding blues ?
Do you wish ppl where still talking ?
Are you ok that life is pretty much back to normal ?
Do you wish you where still planning your wedding ? 

Just want to see how you girls are feeling and to se if I would feel this way afterwards too ! 
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Re: Some Qs for the MRS ??

  • Where are the MRS. I want to see what they have to say. *patiently waiting*
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  • I know...they dont love us no more (tear) !!! lol
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  • I was waiting to...But I could just imagine that we could take from this to do things for our wedding to make US feel happy.  That the details matter to how WE invision our wedding & to heck with what other people think, dont think, say or dont say
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  • Hey Ladies

    To answer your questions, I really didn't have any post-wedding blues.  Honestly, I was a bit ready for it to be over and to be married to my DH.  People did talk about our wedding afterwards, mostly our WP and parents.  Everyone expressed how they had a good time and loved everything.  I guess that I didn't expect too much from anyone.  I knew that we planned the wedding and had everything that WE thought was important, so it didn't really matter what everyone else thought, is that mean?? lol

    I am elated that life is back to normal.  I had a huge board exam two months after the wedding so I was back to studying the Monday afterwards.  DH is also in school and had class that Monday afternoon.  We got married in Atlanta (my hometown) on Saturday and drove back to DC the next day.  I did take off two days from work, but we jumped right back into the swing of things pretty quickly.  I don't really miss wedding planning.  I'm the MOH for my friend's wedding in October so I am still somewhat involved in helping her with her wedding.  It is a lot of work planning a shower and bachelorette party!

    All in all, plan the wedding that you and FI want.  Yes, you can consider what your guests would want, but ultimately you have to do what's best for you.  The day goes by so quickly and you all deserve to have the wedding that you want.
  • Are you having afterwedding blues ? I HAD THE BLUES FOR ABOUT A WEEK. I WAS OVERANALYZING MY WEDDING. It finally clicked that the ceremony is your wedding the reception is just a party. Do you wish ppl where still talking ? NO, I was getting tired of the phone calls and fb msgs. I enjoyed the compliments but I was eager to get back to normal life. Are you ok that life is pretty much back to normal ? YES, I can enjoying having extra money. Lol Do you wish you where still planning your wedding? NO. I enjoyed planning my wedding but It started to consume my life. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it off my mind.
  • Oh yea, I forgot to mention how happy we are that we are no longer making payments to our vendors! That's probably the best part for me.
  • See..thats how I think I will feel afterwards...glad that its over and that we not dishing out money that can go on us, the kids or house !
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  • Are you having afterwedding blues ? - No. I am happy to be able to resume "normal" life and to be able to focus on building my business and get my home (the physical environment) together. 

    Do you wish ppl where still talking ?  Well... it hasn't been that long, so people are still talking. Maybe not at the level of detail that you described, but people still say that it was beautiful and fun, and that's enough for me! I enjoyed the facebook posts after the fact (we totally stayed off of facebook before the big day, but after, it was about posting the new status and some people posted some pics) and that was good for me. 

    Are you ok that life is pretty much back to normal ? Yes!!! The last two weeks of planning were SO stressful, that I am happy to be able to breathe again!

    Do you wish you where still planning your wedding ?  Not at all. It was fun but stressful and everything turned out well. Maybe if things hadn't been so great, I would want a do-over, but we had a good time, and I can look back and enjoy it. 

    I do occasionally have some regrets about the money spent, but I'm an accountant, and I can imagine the impact that it would have had on our retirement fund and having a little more wiggle room with expenses especially since I'm just now treading into this home based business.  But all in all, it was money well spent to start our new life together, and I believe that we can earn that back and more :) 

    No post-wedding blues for me.... but I do miss posting here and wonder sometimes how to phase myself out. 
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