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Anniversary Dance Questions

Happy Sunday sisters, 

I'm planning to do a anniversary dance, as the MOH will be celebrating her 5th year anny that day. 

1)  Would it be too much for me to toast my MOH/her hubby before the song (Love, by Musiq Soulchild)? Also, how do I include the other married couples?

2) I will make them an alphabet framed art as a gift for 5 yrs and their kindness during our planning (below is our guestbook alphabet art frame I made). Can I present this during the toast or is this too much?

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Re: Anniversary Dance Questions

  • I think that would be a wonderful idea. I like it.
    **I am getting married to Mr. Wonderful on 11/3/2012**
  • I think you could save that special toast for last. Present the gift following the toast, then invite the couple along with other couples who have celebrated over X number of anniversaries to the dance floor while the song is playing. 
  • I don't think it's too much to toast to them. You can do their toast then simply ask all other married couples to join in. I would save the gift giving tho, that's another thing you would have to keep track of on that day and then where would they put it, because I'm sure they'll be on the dancefloor most of the night.
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