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NWR: Getting pregnant & charting

Are any of planning to do charting for your pregnancy planning? I had never heard of this until I started looking at The Bump. DH and I are just letting things happen and I'm wondering if I should be doing things like taking my temp and charting ovulation and etc.

What are your thoughts? Did any of you try these methods?

Re: NWR: Getting pregnant & charting

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    Generally, if you mentsruate regularly: you ovulate (or may become pregnant) 14- 16 days following your period. So, If you're having unprotected sex on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, or 17th day after your period you will probably become pregnant (if your cycle is regular- wihout the pill). I added the 13th and 17th to be safe due to hourly changes.

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    I chart because it betters our chances. FI had a vas reversal, so right now I'm charting to AVOID getting pregnant. But 2mths before the wedding all that will go out the window and I'll use it to try and get pregnant again.
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    Do you ladies measure your temp as well?
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    My sister is charting and i am doing it as well in support of her. Theres a website called FertilityFriend. Its pretty darn great... and its free :)

    As the PP said, It may not be necessary if you're menstruating regularly you might not need to chart, but it does help your odds.

    GL :)
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    I have an application on my iphone that I use to keep track. I do plan on going on the pill soon. I'm not sure about charting my temperature though.
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    i have been reading up on everything as far as planning. we just decided to start after we had a scare last week and we both kinda got excited but then disappointed.  we're definitely charting b/c AF comes every month but never when expected
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