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Signing off....Cheers!

I was not emotionally prepared for what this week would bring. It's not that I even have a ton of stuff to do, but this day is centered around us so everyone is demanding our attention...vendors, family, the dogs, you name it. Today was a really bad day. So I'm sitting here with a bottle of wine, not glass, and ready to take on tomorrow.

I have been on this board for 18 months and I could not have planned a wedding without you all. Not only that, but advice on life experiences and challenges too. I truly feel like I have made life long friends here. It must be something about going through the same experience that brings us closer together.

Tomorrow the family will start arriving and we have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. Saturday FI and I traditional home opener Ohio State football game, cookout, nails and pampering. Sunday will be the big day! There is rain in the forecast and although we have a big tent stationed only feet from the door of the venue I still am nervous. But that is something that I have absolutely no control of. So pray and why worry (still can't help but worry a little).

Anywhoo....please keep me in your prayers. I can't believe I'm the one saying I will be back with a recap and pics! Wow! See ya on the other side!!! ~MrsBoss

Re: Signing off....Cheers!

  • Awww shucks and my knottie badge is silver...when did that happen?!
  • Wishing you a great wedding day and a lifetime of love and happiness to follow! ((hugs))
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  • Awww hugs and congrats hun!! I pray that all will go well and as you planned! I can't wait to see your pics and recap! Hope you have a blast!!!
  • All will be well! Enjoy yaself this weekend and congrats in advance.
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  • I hope your day is filled with no worries and nothing but joy! Enjoy! Can't wait for recap.
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  • Awww! Congratulations. May your wedding day be filled with bliss! All will go well. Cha
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  • Have a wonderful wedding day!   Be blessed.  :)

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  • So happy for you.  Wishing you the best this weekend. See you on the other side when we both are inducted into the "Mrs". club.

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  • Congratulations MrsB! Have a WONDERFUL one!
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  • I pray you have time to day to just relax and take it all in. ENJOY your day and HAVE A GREAT TIME AT THE FBALL GAME!!! That's a great way to take your mind off "the wedding"..

    You will be beautiful and have an amaingly wonderful day on sunday!!
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  • Tracey!!!!!!

    I love you hun and can't wait for you and the Hubster to be married! What a long road we have come and I can't wait for you to come back with the recap and pics. Your day will be beautiful. You (along with some of the other vets) have gotten me through some ROUGH days and I couldn't have gotten this far without YOUR guidance. Love you much and ENJOY your day!

    *I had my bottle of wine day this week too....its ok....DRINK UP!*
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  • (hugs)(tears)(hugs)(tears)...I was kinda dreading this day but I know we all have to graduate from planning to walking down the aisle. So, so happy for you. From the time I became active on this board, I have always valued your advice. I have said it a bunch of times if I was getting married in the summer, my colors would have been gray and yellow also, so I definitely can't wait for your recap and pics. Good bless you and hubby to be. Your day will be absolutely amazing! (hugs) (tears) (dries snot) (hugs)
  • Tracey I am so happy for and the hubby to be. I am so happy I got to meet a beautiful woman and be apart of you and your family at your shower. I wish you guys a blessed and grand wedding day ! Im so excited and cant wait for your recap and pics !
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  • Aww! Your time is here! It will be wonderful! You have made me laugh sooo much! Your day will be awesome because God will be watching! Toodles!!! Can't wait for the recap! Samiyah
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  • So excited for you! Knowing that your big day is in 2 days means mine is quicklty appraoching lol. Congrats fellow September bride, I hope your day is amazing and perfect!
  • Can't wait for the update color twin! Have a beautiful day :) 
  • Have a great day. Tell the Devil rain aint gonna stop the party.! Hope its everything you ever dreamed of.!
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  • Have a wonderful wedding day!!!! i fope it is everything you dreamed it would be.
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