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Just stopped by & want to ask a question

I am one half of an interracial couple, lol, getting married 5/1 here in Houston.  I never paid much attention to specialty boards other than DIY and then my local board but being that my fiance is AA I thought I would swing in here say hi and ask for some advice from you ladies.

My delima...Music.

My fi wants me to walk out to Heather Headley "If it wasn't for your love", which I love, however would rather have an instrumental because I cannot figure out at what part of the song to walk out on.

And what other songs for the  wedding party would be good for them to walk out to, I want the tempos to sort of match but he is no help there.

Also on the recessional I want something more up beat and fun, any ideas?

So on the BP entrance I want "Friends" by Whodini and then for us "It take two" Rob Base....but what about for our parents, what is in the same era that would fit?

And B toss, I am so tired of Single ladies but I cannot think of anything else and he wants that one.  Any other suggestions?

For the garter I want "Don't wanna be a playa no more" Remix but he wants "Another one bites the dust" <- i have no clue where he came up with that.

As you can see I want a fun night but fi wants something serious, he is not a serious person at all, I'm trying to get him to see that the wedding is about us not something we are not. Any one else have these issues? 

Our first dance song is "Someone" by Musiqsoulchild and our reception music will be full of great songs but the "certain" music I am having issues with. Oh we are getting married at The Gallery in Houston, it's outside on a Terrace and it's more of a romatic type location.

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Re: Just stopped by &amp;amp; want to ask a question

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    desi2002desi2002 member
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    First, I think b/c the recessional goes so fast, you should have just one song, but that's  just my opinion. A  really cute song to have recessional to is The Light by Common. Also, your DJ should have tons of ideas of which songs to play a which time.  HTH!
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    adgenyaadgenya member
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    Hi and welcome! I'm 1/2 of an interracial couple too. 

    I'm not a big fan of non-instrumentals when walking down the aisle (but at the same time, we'll be outdoors so it makes more sense to do an instrumental). We're using Canon in D. 

    For our recessional, we wanted something fun and upbeat to. We haven't chosen it yet, but our front runners are edited versions of "Best I Ever Had" by Drake, "Something Special" by Usher, "I Got a Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas, "In Love With You Forever" by Elliott Yamin, and "Everything" by Michael Buble. 

    I totally feel you on the Single Ladies song. For the bouquet toss, I am choosing between "Independent" by Webbie, "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo, and something else (I can't remember right now). 

    HTH. Stick around and chat. It's a great group on this board. 
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