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NWR: I Want To Work As A Caregiver (long)

    So I'm interested in working as a caregiver again. I took care of my grandfather from '04-'06 (when he passed) and also an elderly gentlemen from April 07-July '07, when he was hospitalized due to complications from his prostate cancer. Since then I have dabbled in other areas but I keep coming back to caregiving. I actually find it enjoyable and rewarding. I love speaking with older people because of their experiences and wisdom.

My grandfather was an African, military man, and a part of his government in Liberia. He was brash, stubborn, set in his ways and difficult. He was a Gemini, I am an Aries...with my history Geminis and I butt heads ALOT, but when it's good it's great. (FI is a Gemini) By me caring for my grandfather it opened me up to caring for other people's relatives.

The man I cared for in '07 was a long time family friend and grew up through the depression. He lived in another time unlike this but he was knowledgeable and like my grandfather in many ways, but he was very alert for a man in his late 80s early 90s. He knew who Michael Jackson was (duh I know), Watched *cough* Baby Boy and All About The Benjamins with me (the one with Ice Cube and Mike Epps?). He had said that Ice Cube was a great actor even though, due to his hearing, he could only read his lips. He had once even told me a story about how, at the beginning of the depression his aunt has went to the bank one morning to withdraw her money but the bank had no money to give and told her and others to come. Not long there after, the bank closed- his aunt ever got her money. He, as well as my grandfather, shared many stories and advice with me. From dating to caring for kids. My employer even joked that we would go out together and he'd hook me up with someone. This coming from an old white man lol.

I miss caring for others, especially the elderly since I care for my 3 young children and help my family out already. I remember once, having a 15min conversation with an older black woman at the nursing home where my mother does hair. She was an amazing woman and the conversation has stuck with me all these years later though I never saw her again. I had to've been 17 at the time. She told me about living in the south, the men she had met and the trips she had attended. Speaking to her instantly took me back to a time I have never been and resonated with me in such a way that I hope, I can care for an elderly black woman. Honestly though, I would care for anyone but I really want to care for an older black lady... So now, knowing what I feel my calling is, I want to place ads online and around the city in hopes that I can be hired soon. I need the money and I long for the connection, I truly do.

I had started an ad but am unsure if it comes across the way I hope. I plan on using the wording for my online ad for my fliers so I need for it to be well received. Thus far the title is, "Caregiver  Seeking Employment"...I don't really like how that sounds, do you? Then, the body and closing goes a little something like this...

"I am a 24 yr old mother of three currently looking for a job taking care of an elderly man or woman. I have some experience, as I cared for my grandfather for two years, and was also employed by an elderly gentlemen in 2007. I can do laundry, house work, cooking, run errands, conversation and appointments. I enjoy taking care of the elderly and find them to be informative, wise and a pleasure to be around. I find fulfillment in caring for others and hope that I can be of service to someone in need of a caring, compassionate and understanding individual as myself.

Looking forward to the opportunity to care for you or your loved one."

What do you ladies think? Please, be brutally honest and if you can think of something better post your ideas. I really want to find a job in this field before the 15th of next month. Not only for my family's financial stability but also for myself. I have thought about this long and hard and it is something I feel I need to do.

Re: NWR: I Want To Work As A Caregiver (long)

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    Just curious... are you trained as a caregiver (i.e., RN, LPN, CNA, GNA, etc)?  Those credentials would certainly give you an edge in a competitive market.  If that's really your passion, would you consider going to school for it?
  • happe2getherhappe2gether member
    edited December 2011
    I was wondering the same thing.  I think the ad is ok but you definitely have to add your credentials.  If you aren't a CNA or nurse, you can get certified as a home health aid in your state. I would also say you should try signing up with a health care agency that does elderly sitter services. 

    I am actually trying to do the same thing you are doing since I'm in Nursing school right now.  Good luck to you and let us know how it turns out.
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  • 7venAfricano7venAfricano member
    edited December 2011
    Thank you for the replies ladies. I will be looking into becoming certified because this is something I really want to do.
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