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Monday Madness

How was your weekend ladies?

Did you get everything accomplished that you said you would?
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Re: Monday Madness

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    tyboydtyboyd member
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    I didn't plan to get anything, so it brings me great joy to say that I got all the A list invitations out! AND I realized that not even 100 people were invited! YAY!
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    I went to a Pure Romance party! FI keeps asking when my order comes in, lol.
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    My weekend was wonderful! Nothing was done WR... had a girls night out Friday with dinner and facials, Saturday we had our first family dinner with FI's fam and my Fam (which was very touchy because of cultural things and a LONG time coming!) which went wonderful, church and dinner with FI on Sunday!

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    We ended up doing a lot this weekend. Wedding on Friday night. Got Fi moved into his apartment for the summer Saturday morning ( he's moving to Milwaukee for the summer for work).Then went to a friend's bday party that night. We also updated our guestlist. Took some people off then added some folks. Still over 200 but I'm 100% sure we aren't gonna have that many people travel to the wedding . He's leaving town today so ima gonna clean my face off these next 2 days and hopefully by the end of the day, I'll have my first check!
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    cincy2011cincy2011 member
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    Got lots done, except my taxes.  :( 

    Otherwise, it was good. 

    - Confirmed our final meeting at our venue with the venue event manager, caterer, DOC, photographer, videographer and DJ.   
    - Ordered table name cardsfrom calligraphy artist.
    - Ordered B pics for editing
    - Finalized RSVP list
    - Sent reminder to guests about hotel block
    - Sent email to hairstylist detailing whose hair needs to be done/when/etc.
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    sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    WR I went to the Coach outlet store and got each of my girls a wristlet for less than $17 whoo hooo on that. This will be a part of their gift and i am excited because they are cute.

    NWR Went to a bridal shower for a knottie on my local board, family gathering and church on Sunday.
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    - First batch of invitations are OUT!! I'm so excited, but tired from assembling all of them yesterday.
    - Found my 2 ring bearer pillows (but didn't order them yet)

    - No school work done...ugghhh
    - Hung out with my cousins on Sat
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    Had a awesome weekend, spent it in 
    NY and Karl proposed!
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