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Are you all hosting a rehearsal dinner for your bridal party after practice? I am thinking of something nice and at this point the FI and I can present our gifts to our attendees. The place I am thinking of has a nice house band and the food is really decent. It's a bar and all.

I just have to call for pricing but I think it's a nice spot.
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner

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    We are having one, but it is for everyone that is invited to the wedding. It is at our venue for the wedding.
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    I will have one for the wedding party at a local restarant that is close to the wedding site and hotel.

    Shoot I can't afford to pay for all out of town guestLaughing
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    We're also having one for our wedding party and all of their significant others, plus close family.  There's no way I'd make people pay for their food though!  I've never been to a rehearsal dinner where I had to pay and if I did I wouldn't go.  That's the job of the hosts and if you can't afford to pay for everyone then you shouldn't have one. 

    How far in advance do you all think you should reserve a place?  One of my aunts keeps bugging the hell out of me and telling me that we should reserve a place now since we're getting married during fourth of July weekend.  I personally think we can wait until next year, but she's so adamant about it.  What do you think?
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    @Kiamurph:  I think you should call the places you are interested in and get their opinion of what their availability is like during those times for an event of that size and that magnitude.
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    I plan to do one. FI wants to do it at someones house and have the food catered. I am again having it at a house of someone that will surely be at the wedding the next day that is just too much they will have to clean before and after and that is a lot to ask  in my opinion so I am leaning more towards a restuarant but I need to find a really good idea since our party is so large.
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    We're having one for the bridal party (which is only 2 people) and our immediate family and OOT guests (mostly my immediate family) at FMIL's house.  FI's catering.  It will be the first time our parents meet, so that should be interesting.....
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    just  doiing  a bridal lucheon  with the  girls seperate  from rehersal dinner thinking  maybe  a bbq  or something low key
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    We are planning to do one but not exactly sure where yet. We are inviting the bridal party and their significant others plus OOT guest.

    Prettymami where's your dinner going to be?
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    We are doing one at the church in the reception hall after practice... I wanted a restaurant but my FI is Kenyan so we wanted to have some Kenyan food included since we are not having that at the reception. We are also having a "get to know the bride and groom" type outing later that evening for all of the guests who are in town and the wedding party and family at a bowling alley so we are trying to keep things in the same area.

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