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Belated Thank You for My Birthday Wishes & a Quick Update on Moi

To all of my wonderful sistafriends,

Thank you very much for the wonderful and heartwarming birthday wishes.  All of you are truly appreciated.  As always, you ladies sure do know how to make a girl feel loved.   I have not been on the board lately because of work.  I just got back from Baltimore this morning.    Yes, I have been on travel (Tulsa, Houston, Baltimore & New Jersey) for the past 3 weeks and I just haven't had time to even lurk.  I have been gone so much, my husband calls me the week-end wife.   Can you imagine that I didn't even get to spend my birthday with my family.  I usually don't work on my birthday week, but this year proved to be unaviodable since one of my cases got scheduled for mediation.   Any who, one of my best friend and fellow Gemini (June 8) came to the rescue.  She and a couple of her friends took me to Eden's Lounge in Baltimore on June 12 to celebrate our birthdays.  To say the least, I had a blast.  

I know that I have missed alot but I hope to be back in full blast when things lighten up a bit.   Wedding renewal planning has slowed down due to my heavy travel schedule, but I have still managed to get a few things done.  When I was in New Jersey early this week, I was able to go to Brooklyn, NY and buy material for our traditional African wedding attire (ashwabi).   Thanks to the internet, I was also able to order our invitations online (yes, I plan to give you ladies a sneak preview when I get them). 

In the meantime,  I also plan to get some stuff done during the next 2 weeks while I am home.

I miss you ladies.  Y'all are truly inspirational.   For those of you whose events I have missed during my absence, I say congratulations. 

Once again, thanks for everything.


Re: Belated Thank You for My Birthday Wishes & a Quick Update on Moi

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    OMG, CD you know I'm on lurk mode too when it comes to our local board & the AAW board so please please accept my apologizes for not wishing you happy b-day wishes last week, totally missed that post on the board....soooooooo HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHICA!!!!  Tongue out

    I am glad to hear your BFF was able to pull out a great b-day GTG for you while you were out of town, what a wonderful sista-friend you have!

    So whenever you get back to "normal" we'll chat and I'll fill you in on the b-day blow out @ Pappedeaux...k??

    Chow for now lady.
    Alf  Wink
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    I guess i missed the birthday post.
    Can't wait to hear all about the updates
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