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Why does everyone keep asking me if I'm nervous......

Does that bother anyone else but me? I guess it does bother me b/c i'm not sure what they are asking? Am I never b/c I am about to become George's wife? No, I'm not. In my heart, I'm married to this man already, we've lived together for a couple of years and our lives are intertwined and we've settled into our life of bills, house payments, etc. We have 28 days before the wedding and when that is over, we'll settle back into our day-to-day life. Now what am I nervous about....this darn production of a wedding. My concerns? Will I look fab in my dresses, will everyone show up and on time, will people enjoy the food and the DJ, will the flowers wilt before the night is over? So I guess if the question was clarified, I'd know how to answer it!! Anyone else feel the same way?

Re: Why does everyone keep asking me if I'm nervous......

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    Crook251Crook251 member
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    I got that question alot too. I was kinda in the same boat as you with my Hubby before the wedding. I think people ask and say that because they don't what else to say. I just smiled and said NO! That usually cuts the convo short very qick!
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    adgenyaadgenya member
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    I get people that ask me that too. I agree with PP that people ask because they are not sure what to say. I just say that I am really excited for the wedding and to finally be married to my FI. The only thing I think extra long about is that in the end they have a good time. That usually ends the conversation or turns it into a more pleasant conversation.
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    I got that question all the time and it always felt weird to me too. I'd always ask 'nervous about what?' and they'd usualy be like 'uhh...'

    Now that's it done people always want to ask 'how's married life?' My answer to that is 'about the same, but with better dishes.' Really, people just want to say something and end up saying the same stupid things! =)
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    That's funny! I keep getting asked if I'm excited, which I am, but I am also super nervous about this commitment for THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! Not so much nervous about the actual wedding day, though. LOL :)
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    I got that question also begining the week of the wedding. Then when everyone started coming in we got.."so...are you ready?" Ready for what????? We were asked so much in a 2 day time frame that it began to become an inside joke because we had to warn folks not to ask us that because it became annoying.

    Our situation is abput the same....we've been living together since 07 and we're pretty much settled. In our hearts we were already married..we're just putting it down on paper.
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    tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    I actually have not been asked this question yet,  but I have a feeling that now that I've put that out into the universe someone will ask me that question soon.  I love rho's response when they ask how married life is..."about the same but with better dishes"  So funny.
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    YES! I'm tired of being asked the following questions:

    "Are you nervous yet?"

    "How's the planning coming?"

    "Do you have your dress?"

    Here are the responses I want to give...

    As you said Vanessa, nervous about what?? The answer is NO. Everything will happen just as it's supposed to no matter how much I huff, puff, and/or cry.

    The planning is coming along great! But tell me, do you plan to contribute to the wedding? If so, I find it interesting that as soon as I go into any detail the subject is changed or you gloss over and go to your happy place. For future reference, please do not ask me how the planning is coming along, if you're really not interested...

    And yes I have my dress. My wedding is in 7 weeks. I announced the date/time/location of the wedding 7 months ago... Do I have my dress? If I didn't have it by now, i don't think I'd be getting one... find a better topic of conversation, please.

    ***** I JUST HAD A THOUGHT, LADIES *****

    How about we start asking the questions that annoy us, of the people who asked them in the first place...

    Family friend (who's in everyone's business) say, "Sooooo, are you nervous?"

    Bride replies (with a smile), "Nope. Not at all... Soooo, are you nervous?"


    Co-worker says, "How's the planning coming along?"

    Bride says, "Everythings great on my end... How about yours?"

    Co-worker says, "huh?"

    Bride says (with the serious face), "How's the planning coming along?"

    Aquaintance says, "So do you have your dress yet?"
    Bride says, "Yep, it's at the tailor, now. Do you have yours??"

    Am I wrong? Yes. Did I just tickle myself with this post??? HAYLE YES.

    Good day, Ladies Tongue out

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    Yes!  It annoys the heck out of me!  What do they expect me to say yes, I'm falling apart and thinking of pulling a Runaway Bride?!  I'm sick of being asked if I'm nervous or if I'm excited.  Actually no I'm just annoyed because people keep asking me stupid questions. 
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