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Engagement picture ideas

Hello Ladies,
I am hoping you can help me with ideas for our engagement pics. The photographer doing the pics is FI's friend. While his friend is does pics for the county they work in (that's his job), he isn't a professional wedding photographer. He is working on that though and we'll be his first couple.
I was hoping I could get some ideas for what we'd like just incase cause I don't want to end up hating our pics. Since his friend is also a groomsman and will be at the wedding.

Links, pics and ideas are all welcome. We live in the DC area and the plan is to do the pics somewhere around the national mall and also botannical gardens.

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Re: Engagement picture ideas

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    Tyresec is from the same area and if I am not mistaken, she took her pic during cherry blossom time and the backdrop was just amazing! I don't have the link to them but maybe you can page her?

    Someone else had their pic by the capitol building and that fountain...

    Sorry I can't help more in the location area. I took my pics in South beach. Let me know if you want to see them...

    They usually say to wear bright colored outfits. (I ended up buying this orange dress and Though people like the pics, I ended up hating every pictures with that  stupid orange dress because it's a color I will never be caught dead in it.) So don't go to far off your comfort zone.  

    Get 2 to 4 outfits. We did one "us" so it was a bit dressier, one relaxed, one traditional African outfit, and one "i don't know how to label it." It was a bit much for my taste but the photog wanted to make the best of our trip down and we shot the whole day

    No metallic makeup (eye shadow etc) was the other rec from my photog.

    I am sure all will be fine. Just remember to relax and enjoy yourself.
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    Hi there,
    I just took my pictures in DC a couple of weeks ago. We took our pictures at the tidal basin with the charry blossoms in the background.  We also went to Georgetown and found a found a block of homes with bright colored doors and shutters, cobblestone, etc.  They both offered great back drops. 

    The one regret that I have is not being able to change clothes.  So, if you can defniitely give you self some options for outfits (with different accessories) and places. 
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