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Do think people will dance at an afternoon reception?

I am having a luncheon reception, mainly because we do not get to go a honeymoon the day after our wedding. (DF is a teacher and they start back school that Monday after.) Anyway, last night this popped in my head- would people even drink and dance that early????  I dont know why, but this has me worried.

Re: Do think people will dance at an afternoon reception?

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    island07b2bisland07b2b member
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    People love a good party so I am going to guess yes but not as much especially the drinking.   I wouldn't worry. 

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    It depends on your crowd. Our crowd (friends & some fam) will drink & dance no matter what time it is. If its a party, its a Now our older guests, it may be different.
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    halfpin21halfpin21 member
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    Yes, both my cousin and friend had afternoon receptions and I promise you we all drank and danced. LOL  It's about celebrating you and your FH everyone will be in a festive mood.
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