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I was kind of disappointed. For one thing, it was so SMALL. The smallness was a bummer because a.) The selection of dresses was all the same. There were two styles: heavily laced & beaded, and ruched top w/ plain skirt. Second, every time I'd go back into the dressing room, the salesgirl would kick the skirt of my dress into the room so that the curtain could close over it. Um... And finally, it was so crowded, I had to jump over the train of another girl's dress to get to the mirror. Yes, I was told to jump. To top it all off, I tried on about 10 dresses, and I was in & out of there in 30min. We were all like, "whoa, that was really fast..." On the plus side, they had a Mori Lee dress there that I wanted to try (#4524, which I first saw in sarack's bio), and I actually did really like the dress. But I don't know, I'd heard so many good things about the shop and I was totally underwhelmed. Vent over.
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    I was underwhelmed as well. I chalked part of it up to my appointment being on the hottest day all summer (the day it hit 109) and could not believe they didn't have air conditioning in the shop. It wasn't deathly hot, but then when you're trying regular clothing, most people tend to get a little warm, not to mention huge dresses of piles of fabric. My FMIL tripped and fell because there were too many people and she backed up and the little pedastal was basically invisible since it's the same fabric as the carpet. :( I was disappointed because I'd loved their window displays for the past 5 years with always lovely combos of BM dresses in such pretty colors. Of course, when we went was the worst window display I have ever seen there, not a single coordinated dress. :PWas this your first dress shop?
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    My BM and I hated I Do. It was small and cramped, we could barely even see the dresses, they were all really similar, our salesgirl was useless and snotty, and there wasn't even AC (and we needed it when we went in July). That place was pure, unadulterated HELL. We found the BM dresses there and are ordering them elsewhere because we all hated them so much. UGH. They even tried to accuse my 9 yr old daughter, who was playing a game on one of the BM's iPhone's while she waited, of taking pics!! Uh, none of the dresses were even contenders, why would we try to sneak pics?! I got my dress from La Belle Elaine's and I loved them!
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    That's weird, I have had such a great experience there! I ordered my dress from them after shopping around at almost every store in the area and they had by far the best selection in my price range (under $1,000) and the sweetest girls working there. I went back several times before I ordered and have been back since I ordered at least four more times to show my friends my dress and they have been amazing! They remember my name, pull my dress to show whomever I brought with me and make me feel really special. I guess Saturday is probably a really busy day and I usually have gone on Wednesdays since that is my day off from the kids I nanny. My dress is a beautiful shiffon with a flower strap over one shoulder. I have since seen it on their website but I didn't see anything like it in the other stores and they were pretty much the same price as online but such great service I am glad I spent the extra $40 to buy it there. Alicia and Jen have mainly helped me but it seems like all the girls are nice there, maybe try them on a weekday instead? Good luck on the dress search. I had so much fun shopping... at least at the stores like this that had my size!
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    Yes! I have always loved their window displays too! I feel exactly the same as you. This was my 3rd dress shop, and I have to say, the other two experiences were much better. Also, the girl did not pull one single dress for me. She said she would but my mom & MOH picked every dress I tried on. I didn't like that, I need more help than that, I don't know what I'm doing!
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    I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I had quite the opposite. I agree it is small, but I kind of expect that from a lot of the individual bridal shops. It sounds like your sales person was def'n part of the problem. I had an amazing girl that knew their stock really well, and she was very helpful and sweet. I wasn't rushed at all. I ordered my dress from them and it even came in a month early. I hope your next dress shopping experience is better. It really is supposed to be fun. =)
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    Sad. I really liked I do but I didn't have bad experiences. They do try to get you in and out thats for sure.   I'm glad you tried on the dress that I loved! What do you think? PS. All that Shimmers sells it for $610.
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    I went there last week and felt the same way. Their consultants are really, really nice, but the store was so crowded I felt like I could barely see the dresses and was tripping over other people. I didn't like how I had to dress myself, some of the dresses were hard to get into alone. I used to live in Wallingford and would always look at their window displays and think "when I get married, I am getting my dress from I Do" But, I also went on a Saturday so I knew going into it that it would be crowded. If only they could expand their location!
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    I'm sorry you didn't have a great time. It might be worth it to you to make a day of it down here in Tacoma. The Wedding Bell is a great dress shop, and it's not tiny, on 6th Ave, and in Lakewood there's All That Shimmers. On your way up or back you could pop into Alfred Angelo in Southcenter, which also is not small.
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    I'm sorry you had a bad experience there.  I think a big part of the experience at any shop is the consultant you work with and it sounds like you got set up with one who isn't very familiar with their gowns which is a shame.  And yes, the shop is rather small - their biggest setback along with not being able to take pictures.  I had a great experience there but I also worked with a consultant who's been there for over 10 years so she knew her stuff, plus I went as the last appointment on the day or during a weekdy.I also agree with PPs - try All That Shimmers in Lakewood - good prices and more space.  Definitely work with Karen though.  I also have heard good things about Pearls Place, but have never gone there myself.  GL!
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    The Wedding Bell is nice, I went there too. Great people and lots of dresses.
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    Wow sorry to hear that it did not go well with you. I have to agree that it is a small shop and I was under the impression that it was def bigger. The day my girls and I went it was def crowed with alot of brides. I had a great expereince and my Salesgirl Bridget def was kick a** awesome and we hit it off great. The other girls were very friendly has well. Maybe go to some of the other Bridal shops that the girls have recommended to you. GL with finding that gown.
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