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Guess what???!!!  I just found out that we have a Charming Charlie here in Greensboro!  I can't wait to go shopping.  I drove by it yesterday and was like....oh!  I can't wait to tell Tyboyd this.  Now all we need is a Dylan's Candy Bar!  LOL

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    tyboydtyboyd member
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    GET IT, NC! Yall coming up in the world! lol.

    GIRL, once you SHOP the fun don't stop! You will be so addicted to that store! Limit your visits! lol. I haven't been in a minute. They have cute shoes and clothes, too!

    Let me make some phone calls and see what I can do about that Dylan's situation! LOL!
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    tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    LOL, yeah you need to call ol Dylan herself. I know you can make it happen.
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