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Help with Spreading Rose Petals? Ideas?

So I was talking to a florist and she said flower girls rarely spread petals uniformly on the aisle (and that it's usually clumps of rose petals in places where the petals are dropped).  This makes sense.

Do you have any ideas for getting the petals spreaded uniformly across the aisle instead of in clumps?  I'd like for them to do it before I come down so the idea of having it doen beforehand by adults it kind of out. 

I have two flower girls and was thinking of having one pull a buggy while hte other pushes petals on the ground off the buggy but that is probably going to look ridiculous.  Any ideas?

Re: Help with Spreading Rose Petals? Ideas?

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    My flower girl  forgot to spread flowers, lol.  Beforehand we had leaves spread on the sides of the aisle runner (you can see in sig pic).  But another option is to maybe have your MOH spread them before you walk out.  Unless you have an adult do it I don't think you'll get them spread evenly.  Personally would put the leaves on the sides and just take a chance with the flower girl.  I think most guests are preoccupied with how cute the kids are anyway.  GL!   

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    Hi Mrs.W2000,

    Thanks for the tip.  I actually want the flowers spread out before I walk out for me to see (as opposed to any of the guests).  Flowers are one of my absolute favorite things in the world, and I just love those pics where the flower petals are all spread out on the aisle when the bride comes down.  In fact, I love those heavy densely-dropped aisles full of petals.  I think it's very pretty.  The florist told me that this is all typically done before the wedding and, based on what you've said, this seems to be the case.  I didn't want to do that b/c I want to be the only one to walk on the petals (but yet I want them on the aisle).  We'll see.  I think that your aisle looked very pretty!

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    Thank you Diedra!  Another option (not sure if this is something you would want to do) is place the petals on the aisle runner beforehand and then roll it back up.  Before you walk out have the aisle runner rolled out for you (typically done by the groomsmen or maybe the ushers).  I wouldn't place the petals on the aisle runner to far in advance if you're using real flowers but if you use silk flowers you can do this well in advance.  Just throwing ideas out there, lol!

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    Thank you for the additional suggestion!  I am going to mull that around.  I appreciate your creativity!  I have almost zero creativity.

    Thanks again!!
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