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Monday Accountablity / Support

How did everyone do last week with your weight loss goals? Please tell us your victories and / or setbacks.

Any questions for the group?
Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: Monday Accountablity / Support

  • Victories: Today marked the end of our Biggest Loser Challenge at work and from February 6- April 30 (today), I lost 12 lbs! I'm really happy. My goal was to get into the 150 club and I am here! Rounding the corner to the 140 club. That is my goal because that was my college weight.

    Setbacks: I only lost 1 lb this week. I lost an entire workout day because we had to go and register for the wedding gifts.

    Question: Does anyone take any vitamins, supplements or drinks for energy? I'm watching what I eat an exercising but I'm wondering if I'm just lathargic by nature? I've even brought it up to my dr and she said I'm fine.
  • Great job Mrs Boss on your weight loss thus far.

    I take a daily multi-vitamin to improve my immune system but I don't take anything that is specifically for weight loss. I'm alittle scared after seeing so many diet pills being recalled every other minute.
    Wedding date July 7, 2012
  • victories: I finally completed the 100 wokout by myself...on a saturday! Yay!

    setbacks: After the workout, went to the Cheesecake factory...

    Question above: I take quite a bit. But for weight loss, I take daily multi-vitamin, fenugreek and papaya enymes. 
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  • I only have setbacks....I've been eating badly!!! Ughhh I'm having a chicken tender sub right now lol. 

    I need to get back on my regimen but lately i've just been hungry!


  • I met my minutes goal and saw a loss of three lbs. I am hoping to meet my minutes goal again this week. I continue to fight the battle with sweets though. Lol

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • Victories: I went down to 145 this week (although it was 146 this am)  That was my goal for April and I met it. My goal for May is to get under 140.  wedding goal was 135... But now, Im thinking I may make it under 130!!!!!!!
    I ate well, I rewarded myself with a slice of red velvet cheese cake that I have been staring at in the diner fridge for 2 MONTHS!!  I promised myself Id have a piece when I got under 150. When the lady brought it to me I couldnt even finish the other 1/2 is in my fridge. 

    Setbacks:  I have not been working out as much as Id like but, with the keep up on the diet, Im happy with myself. 
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