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Honeymoon update

Is God good or what?? Backstory: We absolutely had no idea where we going for our wedding night because our budget was depleted and we were riding on FI's stepdad's promises to pay for our hotel. After stepdad went MIA for a while, we were kind of losing hope on that. Well, FI's stepdad came through and we have somewhere to go for our wedding night. I prayed to God, left it in His hands, and FI's stepdad called up with a list of hotels we could choose from. We chose, he made reservations, & gave us a confirmation #. You know I hopped online and verified the confirmation cuz I couldn't take anymore false promises. FI was initially a lil bummed cuz he pictured all of tihs to his happen better than it did but I just reminded him that his bride is happy & grateful so he definitely should be too. Now, since I'm a BAV (born again virgin), my mind has shifted from where we're spending our first night to the actual eventSurprised. Ladies, ya'll pray for me lol Innocent 
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