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As we close 2010...

I want to wish all of my knottie sisters a very safe, happy and blessed new year.  I must say that 2010 was definitely my year.  God is very prevalent in my life.  I believe in God but I can testify that He works in mysterious ways.  He gives you what you need and what you can handle...I see that now.  I never thought that I could reach this level of fulfillment.  I have one more class until I graduate, I married a man that takes such good care of me and truly loves me for me, I have a stable job (although my boss irks me...LOL), our children and families are happy and healthy.  I even have a group of online friends that I have never met except on The Knot. There is nothing else that I can really ask for.  I hope that all of you are truly blessed and that God prevails in your lives. 

P.S. This is our first NYE as a married couple so we are going out, but I wanted to make sure I touched base with you all before the new year. 
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Re: As we close 2010...

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    Awww...that is beautiful! God is always present and it is so good to know that you FEEL Him. So many people don't. Happy New Year to you! Be safe out there!
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    Thanks and God Bless! I am looking forward for the plans God has for me in 2011 Jeremiah 29:11.
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    I cant wait to see what 2011 has in store...2010 was a bit of a rough one but God got me through it!   :-D
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    Happy New Year!  God has been so good to me, I cannot complain.  I look forward to 2011 and what He has in store for my family and I.  God bless you all and have a wonderful New Year!
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    I must say that God had been good to me in 2010. I graduated with my Master's Degree, received my Certified Rehabilitation Counselor certification, began my PhD program, and most of all the man of my dreams proposed to me. I has been through some very bad relationships and I has given up on love until the night my best friend dialed a wrong phone number lol (yeah me and my FI met in a very random way) and now here we are 11 months later..engaged!!! I must say this has been one of the best years of my life, I got rid of a few fake friends and I must say I see myself in a different light without their negativity around me and I met some great people this year. 2010 has been great and I'm looking forward to what 2011 has in store. I wish you all a safe and Happy New Years! Be Blessed!!
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    God is a faithful God and has a plan for us all. It has never been more "obvious" to me than it has this last year. I thank Him and praise Him for that! My heart and my mind are open and ready to receive all that He has for me and my family!

    Happy New Year to all you ladies! I pray that you have all the love, good health, and abundant prosperity your heart can hold and handle!
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