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Memorial Day (instead of Monday Madness)

"Memorial Day is a way of paying back to those who gave their lives for this county to be free," said William Barron.

"Memorial Day is a very special day in this country because we wouldn't be here had it not been for all those who were willing to serve our county, " said Massey.

Not only is the meaning behind Memorial Day so important for so many, but why after hundreds of years it is so important to hold on to?

I would like to thank all of those, past and present, who have served our country for us.

Thank You!
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Re: Memorial Day (instead of Monday Madness)

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    Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice on memorial day.Smile  

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    well said, i just pray very hard that I won't be "remembering" my FI on this day in the future...he gets sworn in tomorrrow and I'm already scared
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    You're welcome ladies :)
    Its a true honor to serve the bestest county on the planet!! From my whole family (which is military) thank you.
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    Aw... I just saw this. Like rodeo said, it's an honor serving the best country in the world.  I love the Army.  Wouldn't trade it for the world...okay.. I'm lieing.  LOL.  But I really do love my job.

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