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Brain Freeze...but not in a bad way it's all good


I feel like I am having a brain freeze with this wedding planning stuff. I feel like I have so many great ideas in my head but nothing on paper. I have all my vendors booked and stuff but now down to the smaller details I am at a loss but not stressed. I have been totally chilling lol. I developed the wedding website but it's not in full bloom yet so i can't share it just yet. However I don't feel stressed it's more so a since of "eff it" for now at least til I feel like tripping again.

I check in with you ladies every day so that's all that matters, I stay in the loop around these parts and Im good. Cool

**kicking my feet up and not stressing for a bit longer**

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Re: Brain Freeze...but not in a bad way it's all good

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    I feel the same way! I have all my vendors & things booked & I've done most of my DIY projects but I still feel like I'm going to forget something small but important!
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    I am feeling the same!!  We are about to book our last vendor (lighting) and invitations are done and will be mailed in January.  However I really don't know what to do next, or what I'm missing.  There has GOT to be something..but what????? LOL
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