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Thanksgiving with in-laws! Im worried,,,LOL!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!! Today FI and I decided to split our time between both of our families.  First was FI gma's house and then my uncles house.  Well at gma's house it calm, peaceful, full of laughter.  The whole family holds hands and pray before eating. The kids play uno, connect 4 and candy land.  No alcohol.....G rated.....
You get to my fam house its get in where you fit in.....enough drinks to last until new years! And when you add drinks its like adding fuel to the fire,,,,,Loud family members, gambling, arguing (because two people put their plates in the microwave and they got mixed up).They say whatever is on their minds...I mean my family has that NY mentality...
SO......sitting here thinking like what is our wedding going to be like!! I'm so worried that FI family is going to be a little disturbed!!!! Maybe we should think twice about having beer and wine at the wedding.....


Re: Thanksgiving with in-laws! Im worried,,,LOL!!!

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    LMAO @ NY mentality. What are you trying to say? I had to work today so I didn't even go to my in-laws. My FI and his 2 brothers don't speak to their sister (sister's fault). There is tension at ALL times in that house. My family has a tendancy to tell you how they feel about EVERYTHING and if they find out about something and  don't agree with it they will tell you. I'm nervous about how my fam will react to his sister. I understand your dilemma
    Lovin Kimmie
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    LOL!  Your family sounds like mine.  I'm sorry, but I don't have that problem.  I was worried at first but after spending this Thanksgiving with FI's family I think my family will fit right on in.  My family and FI's family is a lot like yours so my family will fit right on in with their wildness.  My family is not quite as blunt though.  They tend to be phony, but they are a wild bunch when they drink.  I have thought twice about serving alcohol though, because I'm inviting my boss and other co-workers.  And while, I think my boss will be cool, some of my other co-workers may not.  Your family sounds like fun, so I wouldn't stress.  I like people like that 'cause at least you know where they stand.  Your FI's family may appreciate that.
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    I wasn't worried this year...FI's family is cool. A fight did break out last night but those people won't be at the wedding.
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