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Girl I just was reading about you not wanting to wash your hair and how about I am doing the same thing?  I'm being EXTRA lazy and just laying around instead of getting my butt up!  I have been known to do this and then I end up washing my hair at 11pm and going to bed with a wet head.  I refuse to do that today!  I'm giving myself until 2pm then I am getting up, even if I have to drag myself out of bed!  LOL!  

P.S. When I avoid doing something I should do, I find anything in the world to focus on.  I've filled out my change of address form online, read a magazine from front to back, watched House Hunters on HGTV, put together a mix of songs on my iPhone so I can play it in the car and made a smoothie.  But still can't wash my hair for some reason!  Smile
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    I typed up this whole message and accidentally deleted it.  I hate it when that happens.  Anyways, I had been meaning to send you a page because despite my efforts to find another bouquet to use as my siggy, I simply couldn't find anything else that I liked more, so here it is. 

    Yeah I washed my hair and did a half azz job.  My hair looks a hot mess.  Thank goodness I'm getting some professional help soon.  My hair dryer broke on me right in the middle of drying my hair (I straightened it).  I haven't worn my hair in actual natural hairstyles in a while.  Occasionally I do the twist-n-curl.

    I also do other stuff to avoid doing what I need to do.  For example, I have not tackled most of the stuff on my things to do list.  The only thing I actually did is go shopping for shoes for the e-pics.  And even though I found a pair yesterday, I went shopping again today.  :)

    Did you tackle your WR Things to Do List this weekend?
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    Girl, how about it's 5pm and...Surprise!!  I haven't washed my hair.  At least you made the attempt - LOL!  So what are you going to do since your dryer broke?  Are you going to buy another one or are you going to do a natural style? 

    I bought everything to do a straightened look (blow dryer, flat iron, Denman brush, etc.).  I've had that stuff for over one year and I still haven't even tried it!  LOL

    OK now onto the $64 Million question.  Have I gotten anything from my list done?  Welllll, my original list is below and right below that is the list of things I actually completed.  Notice a difference in the length?  hahhaha 

    - finalizing e-pic date and meeting date with photographer (June)
    - once the photographer dates are set, set up meeting with videographer (June)
    - set up meeting with new event manager at venue (June)
    - call Westin hotel to inquire about rates for FI and my room on our wedding night
    - once e-pic date is set, reach out to airbrush MUA to try to get appt
    - once e-pic date is set, reach out to hair salon to make an appt
    - look online to see how I need to store dress for the next year to make sure it isn't damaged
    - set up 2nd appt with florist to see mock ups (June)
    **since I'll be in Cincinnati June 1st and I'll have that month off of work, we're trying to get a lot done!** 

    - study for Economics final
    - yard sale with condo complex
    - post bedroom set for sale on
    - look into massage appts for FI and I for when he comes to visit
    - repaint closet walls/ceiling
    - clean master bathroom, guest bathroom and kitchen
    - meet with future tenants to get info to run a credit/criminal/eviction check on them
    - try to think of other loose ends I need to wrap up in Atlanta before I move 
    - hopefully celebrate b/c I will confirm my apartment in Cincinnati today!  FI is there right now looking at it to make sure it's up to our standards.  I pray that it works out b/c they are giving me $150 off the rent every month as part of some special they're running!  Smile

    Disclaimer: I haven't heard back from photographer so I couldn't schedule anything around our e-pics date. 
    - called Westin hotel to ask about our room rate for the wedding night, but the sales staff isn't in until Monday
    - did the yard sale with my complex and made enough to pay for the moving truck and gas/food for our road trip!
    - posted bedroom set on
    - cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms
    - met with future tenants and they gave me all the info I needed plus they agreed to a 2-year lease!  Yay!  That means I don't have to think about what to do with this condo again until I have been married for one year!  I was freaking out thinking about a one-year lease and how I would have to try and rent/sell it in the midst of the wedding/honeymoon/moving into FI's place, etc. 
    - I was approved for the apartment in Cincinnati and got my new address!
    - called Georgia Power and set up my disconnect date
    - got number to Georgia Natural Gas to do the same on Monday
    - cleaned out armoire b/c it sold during my yard sale but the woman hasn't picked it up yet you can see I've fallen EXTREMELY short on my to-do list this weekend!  Oh well...there's always tomorrow.  LOL **as I sit here scratching my head b/c it itches and wondering if/when I'm washing my hair today!**
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    tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    Girl!  Did you wash your hair at 11:00pm???  How did you style it?  Do you usually just do a wash and go? 

    I think that I will probably purchase a new hair dryer eventually.  I just don't feel like being bothered with it right now.  Hey!  Have you ever heard of a new straightening technique called the silk wrap?  I saw that one of the girls that they featured on Curly Nikki had done it to her hair and when I first saw her hair I thought she had tracks.  So, I looked it up.  The Youtube video that I saw of a girl with natural hair doing it did not turn out that good.

    You seemed to have gotten a lot accomplished even though you didn't do everything on your list.  I'm glad everything worked out with the condo.
    I got a few things done on my list:
    Spoke to minister to arrange time to meet with him to go over the vows
    Found e-pic shoes
    Found hotel for wedding night
    Arrange time to meet with florist

    I can't remember what I said that I was going to do, but most of it did not get done.  I think I get more done during the week anyways, because I'm in "Get Stuff Accomplished Mode" because I work during the week and then on the weekends I just want to relax.  I set unrealistic goals for myself too.  Like today I have about 8 things on my personal To Do list and I'll probably check off two things.

    I'm glad you liked my shoes for the e-pics, but I am reconsidering them, because I'm not sure how they will look with the dress.  I wanted to go with something to kinda dress the look down.  I don't want to look like I'm going to church, but I hope I didn't dress it down too much to the point that it looks akward.  I also tried to go with what's practical (for once).  I tried the dress on with the shoes and the sales ladies at Ann Taylor Loft said that they thought it looked good together.  They actually said that they are going to buy the shoes for themselves LOL.  I don't know.  We'll see.  I'll keep looking.  I think I just want an excuse to go shopping for more shoes.  :)

    So have you given any thought as to what you are going to wear for your e-pics?  What about your FI?  THat is the challenge for me.  Figuring out what that silly man is wearing.  He always wears jeans and a T-shirt.
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