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Netflix Streaming Exercise Vidoes

Hello ladies.. I am feeling really good today!!

Besides that I wanted to share that I found out last night Netflix has streaming exercise videos. We don't get movies in the mail, just the streaming service through the Playstation.

I searched: Crunch and kickboxing and a few came up. My favorite was a Crunch dance video.. it is about 30 or 40 mins and have some sexy moves! I have no rhythm so this may help me dance better at the reception!

Anyway just sharing!
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Re: Netflix Streaming Exercise Vidoes

  • Vonetra224Vonetra224 member
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    thanks for sharing!!!
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    Whaaaaa??? Well that's good to know, thanks! Now as for my
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    @ faithlady... when i first looked them up my plan was just to watch them and see what they were like, But the dance one I actually got into and was not planning at all to work out but I ended up getting up and moving and sweating.

    So just watch one and you may find that next thing you know you are up moving!
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  • FabbiegirlFabbiegirl member
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    Thanks for the tip.
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