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wedding nightmares... ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT!

Okay Panda, now IM having bad dreams LOL! First I had a dream that I went to go pick up my dress and it wasnt my dress. It was the wrong color, it was ugly, it wasnt even the same design. I was crying my heart out to the consultants, but they didnt know where my dress was. So after that, I had a dream that my honey got killed and my son and I were on the run for our lives. OMG... worst night ever. I heard sometimes that when your pregnant you dream of people dying.... and plus Im stressed out so... hopefully this is normal.
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Re: wedding nightmares... ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT!

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    I just got back from work so my response is coming a bit late...

    Girl, like you told me, it's normal feel anxiety. Honestly, hearing that calmed me down. I think another thing that helped is that I'll read/watch something other than wedding stuff before I go to sleep now.

    It's just that I was having crazy thoughts because it's such an important day and I just want things to go right. But I don't worry because you guys have helped so much and I know we'll all get through this crazy time together! Smile
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    Wow! I havent had any nightmares or dreams about the weddings yet. But I heard about people who have.
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