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Despite my laptop crashing...

...I got some things done this week.

My mom is the caterer and she has done some events for this woman who called her yesterday saying that she is getting her wedding consultant business off the ground and she would like my mom to the the caterer that she suggests to her clients because my mom has done events for her and she thinks my mom does an amazing job. Well I had been looking for a day of consultant and I have one now.

I have a friend of myself and my fiance who is a singer/songwritter/compser. Of all the famous singers in the world she is my fiance's favorite and her voice brings him to tears. I have been talking to her about singing in the wedding. I wrote a song that brings in some things from my vows that I have written. My friend is going to work with me and she is going to give music and a voice to my lyrics. I just have to help fly her to California.

I was at first going to buy my dress online from the site that the bridesmaids dresses are coming from. A month ago my maid of honor and I went to a few bridal salons. The first one was a little mexican place that has beautiful dresses and the other was David's Bridal. I hated how the people at David's treated us and I didn't find I dress I liked. We ended up going to a salon that my cousin's fiance told me about and she had texted me their address. I feel in love with the place and the employees were wonderful. I had an appointment and I tried on quite a few dresses, but one I just fell in love with. I talked to my mom and she agreed finally that I should get the dress from the salon.

I'm making an appointment with my hairdresser to talk about my e-pics hairstyle and go over some ideas for my wedding style while getting my hair done. My E-Pics are on June 18th so I'm really excited.
I now have to make a date with my photographer who is a very very good friend of mine so we can do over some of my ideas and so I can see more of what he has done.

Sadly with my computer crashing I lost my whole inspiration document I had made and all my links to helpful sites and such. I'm starting a few things from scratch once I get me a new computer, which hopefully will be by the end of this week. I need to get back to my stuff. My FI had to call and calm me down when the crash happend, I was bawling my eyes out. I'm a tech nerd and my computer was like my baby and I never went too far without it. Luckily my FI is the same way and he understands me because my mom just couldn't see why I was so upset. Right now I'm using my moms VERYYYY slow desktop.
I will be back, hopefully next week!
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Re: Despite my laptop crashing...

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