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God was looking out!

Okay, so maybe it's more my sons father, either way, I just got BLESSED!

My sons teeth are JACKED. Some of his big teeth are not coming in because they're impacted, twisted, and crowded. Braces would fix that. I've known for about a year now. He is on both mine and his dads dental insurance. I called, between the 2 of us, none of us carried "ortho", So braces would be coming 100% out of pocket which is 5 grand. DANG. Well, the dentist just called to confirm his Monday appt for getting the braces on, and she starts running down the prices, apparently his dad DOES have some type of ortho on his dental plan and BAM $1500 is covered plus I get a 5% discount for paying in full.

Happy dance (and a prayer)!!!!!!
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Re: God was looking out!

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