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Hi Ladies,

Happy Sunday to you all! {darn it's almost monday}

I went to my stationer this weekend and designed our invitation suite. I am SO excited because it's going to be something quite special. {for us anyways}

We're using the infinity symbol which is very similar to an "8" because we're marrying on the 8yr anniversary to the day we met. We're not incorporating our bright colors of Coral Turquoise and Navy into the invitation b/c we want it to speak loudly once everyone arrives. So the invitations will be a Ecru and Champagne Gold but the text will be Navy as I am using that as my "black".

A combination of lace, pearls, crystals and beautiful script {along with our monogram} will seal the deal. It was a really far drive {1 hour} but with my mother, and both MOH's the trip was so much fun. My stationer has some amazing designs and they couldn't believe just how good she really was. My mother fell in love with the pocket fold, now don't get me wrong they're pretty invites, but i've been feeling like they've gotten too much attention from brides and EVERYONE is doing them! Which is why I didn't want to! So I am doing a simple card with a lace banding which i am UBER excited about b/c it will speak volumes without being like every other invite in the mail.

So i'm excited! Very excited! When I told my fiancee how the consultation went his words were "sounds expensive" LOL like ummmmm it's our wedding sooooo calm down and let me do my thing =)

Xoxo good night!

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