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When we began planning the wedding, I wanted to do a photo guest book. The idea was to take pics of FI and I as babies and kids and put them in a book along with a few engagement photos. Well, I'm still waiting on FI to give me pics and everytime I make the appointment for engagement photos, something happens or he has to work. I don't want the traditional guest book because all it has is signatures. I'm not sure of what pictures to use other than ones of us. Does anybody have any suggestions of what we can use without our book being cheesy?

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    FI and I both love wine so we are purchasing magnum sized bottles of wine and having the guests sign those. Its something we can keep displayed in our home and on special occasions, like anniversary, birth of a child, or whatever, we can open the bottles to celebrate. On the table, I will have a sign saying ""May our love be like good wine, grow stronger as it grows older." Or I will have a poem something similar to this that I found on the internet:

    The bride and the groom
    Both enjoy a good, fine wine
    So they are asking their loved ones
    On these bottles to sign

    A few words of wisdom
    A well wish or two
    Would be much appreciated
    To the happy couple from you

    Here's a couple of pics I found online also:

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    We got the photo engagement book thiings - they are large matted engagement photos and the guests sign around them?  That still use pics and they can be displayed on the wall of our home.

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    I like both of your ideas. What I might do is use the photo guest book as my bridal shower guest book and use something else as the wedding guest book. The traditional guest book with just someone's signature is blah to me. Thanks for the inspiration ladies.
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