PSA: amazing sale at michaels/joanns

all sortsa crafty stuff you could use for invitations, etc...

michaels- between 40-55% off picture frames. H bought our frames here for our photoframe card box. those frames were 50% off. also, the big gigantic ones you could use to put wedding photos in later? those were 55% off. paper is 5/$1, and if you get the snail-mailers, you can get 10% off additional sale prices.

joanns- all paper crafting is 40% off. i bought a new fancy hole puncher (for baby shower invites, weeeeeee!!!!), and all cardstock, envelopes...everything paper related was on sale. i went through about 7 or 8 vellum glues when i did my invites...so glue might help for you ladies?

michaels lynnwood- there is still LOTS of christmas stuff (nice stuff, too...not the junky stuff that is usually left), that is 90% off. i bought a few more ornaments for 19 cents. and there are HUGE beautiful wreaths for like 3 bucks.
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who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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