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and why do you want to marry him?

I am working on my own list now..... LIST THE LOVE, HATE AND WHY YOU WANT TO MARRY HIM


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    DanielleB80DanielleB80 member
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    After my last relationship I was single (by choice) for a few years and I prayed that God send me the man I was made for because I didn't want to waste anymore time with just anybody. In my opinion, FH and I should have technically NEVER met, but we did. I knew FH was my answered prayer and he is the one...

    I love him and he annoys me at times for the same reason. His heart is sooo big and he is sooo compassionate. While in Iraq a few years ago he was telling me about how he gave his boots to some kid who didn't have anything cause their family had just lost everything. Things like that make me love him...
    but he does so much for people, especially his family, who can do things for themselves but don't want to because they know he will. UGHHHH!!!

    Oh yeah, I hate that sometimes he talks with food in his mouth but we will work on that. LOL

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    cyndoncyndon member
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    Like DanielleB80, I was single for a few years by choice after my last relationship ended so badly.  FH and I were just friends prior and it was so unexpected that we ended up together because we are polar opposites.  I love the fact that he protects me, he is a wonderful father to his girls.  I was a daddy's girl myself, and love the way he is with them.  I want to marry him because I can't see myself with anyone else but him and that he loves me flaws and all.  He makes me feel loved everyday of my life.  What drives me crazy about him is that when football season rolls around, he goes off into another world.  But men and sports, what can you say?
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    I had wasted time liking these guys who were using me or just not truthful in how they felt. I decided to leave guys alone and focus on what I had to do. I went on what I called "The Man-Fast" and I wasn't going to even try and like anyone. The day I started my fast I met my Oli. Through the period of over a month I was fighting myself to be strong, but I knew there was something about this guy. I fessed up that I liked him and for once I got an honese response back from a guy that he liked me too. He wasn't afraid to say he like me because of what his friends might say which I had in the past and he didn't give me a half answer and have me wonder and stay wondering. He was honest from day one.

    I love him because he was honest from day one and he wasn't afraid to share his feelings when he felt them. As soon as he felt like he had fallen in love witih me he told me that he loved me. He was very straight forward from the beginning and told me that he would want to marry me. He told me at least 2-3 months in that he was going to be asking me. At 6 months he did ask. We've been together for over a year and in August it will be a year since he proposed.
    I love him because he suits me and I suit him. He Blend together and instantly we were best friends from when we started dating. He keeps me assures me constantly that he won't leave me. He does what he can to keep all my fears away and he does a great job at it. I can spend every day with him for hours and hours. I know I can deal with him even the few times that he gets on my nerves. I love him because he doesn't fight with me and respects that I don't like fighting and that I am the type of person who would rather sit and talk like grown people.

    I can't stand the few times when he does annoy me. He is a leo and he constantly has to make sure he shares all info with me when he can. He makes sure on any subject he knows everythnig he could know and then he has to tell it all to me and sometimes it drives me crazy because I want to move on to the next subject. Most times I let him talk for I find some way to change the topic.
    I can't stand that little parts of his life are still run by his parents.
    I can't stand that he can be a little nosey. There are just sometimes I don't want him all in my business. I never keep secrets from him, but he makes it seem like sometimes I am trying. 
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    love: his smile, his people friendly personality and the way I feel when im in his arms, im in love with his height he is 6'5 n im only 5'1 lol, he is always willing to try new things..etc

    hate: when he give me the silent treatment, his attitude, and he does not like to aruge like
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    why i want to marry him: b/c u cant live without him he makes me a better person inside and out:)

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    leilahaustinleilahaustin member
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    What I love about him....within our first couple of months together I had a really tough time.  My grandmother had just died and he was supposed to officially meet her within days of that happening.  Most men would have been tired of the constant emotional rollarcoaster I was on, but he stuck by my side. 

    I also was a grad student when we met so that also was difficult on our relationship, but once again, he stuck by me and kept me calm and happy. 

    I really do love my James.  We are both very different, yet have so much in common.  Does that make any sense?  He's funny and I can talk to him about anything.

    Some qualities I dislike about him...well he's a Republican and I am not. Sometimes he can't handle serious conversations about the world or social issues.  Where I am very in tuned to all of this. Another thing is he waits till the last minute to me how he feels about anything. We are working on this.  Anyway, that's all I can think of in terms of qualities I dislike.  There are more good then bad and after all I have been through I found a man who treats me with respect and love.  Kiss    
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    tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    This is a great post.

    His intelligence
    Love for family
    Interest in social issues, particularly those affecting the black community
    Honesty (sometimes)
    The fact that he is a good listener
    His lips
    His smile
    The way he hugs and kisses me
    The fact that he's a great cook
    Sense of Humor (he always makes me laugh)
    The fact that he balances me out because he is always so calm
    His height (he's 6'7")

    The fact that he snores
    The fact that he is so lazy and such a procrastinator
    The fact that he is so unmotivated at times
    His honesty (sometimes he needs to just shut the hell up)
    The fact he is so opinionated

    I want to marry him because....
    I have never met someone that I get along with so well
    We balance each other out
    I can talk to him about anything and I feel that we can work things out as a team
    He supports me in everyhing I do and will give his honest opinion when needed (sometimes he offers it when I don't ask which is annoying, but whatever)
    When I come home from work everyday I am so excited to see him and to tell him about my day and I look forward to hearing about his day
    I still get a lil' gitty like a school girl when he kisses and hugs me.
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    tamtam7tamtam7 member
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    And he makes me happy.  I am genuinely happy.
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    KMB611KMB611 member
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    What I love about him:
    We were friends for a few years before even going out on a date. I love the fact that he respects my morals.
    He appreciates my honesty, even though sometimes I'm scared of what his reactions might be.
    I love that he's a great father to his daughter.
    I love his cornyness.
    He gives the best hugs and he knows when I just need to be held in his arms. He is like me and doesn't like to judge others.
    He can cook.
    He gives good kisses.
    He's a picky eater like me.

    Qualities I dislike about him:
    Sometimes I feel as though he doesn't understand where I'm coming from with things.
    Sometimes I don't think he's listening to me.
    He procrastinates.

    Why I'm marrying him:
    He makes me happy and loves me unconditionally.
    He's one of a kind.
    I love him.Kiss
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