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Wedding recap (Part 2) - Lots of PIP!!!

Sorry I had to do this in 2 posts, but here goes:

So after the bachelorette on Friday, we didnt get back to the hotel till almost 2. A few of BMs spent the night in my suite and we didnt get to sleep till around 3. I was able to get a few hours, but was woken up by the phone ringing around 7:30, and was not able to get back to sleep. The MUA was supposed to arrive at 8, so I woke the girls up so we could start taking showers and getting ready. We got breakfast, made mimosas, MUA arrived and started doing her thing. They somehow put DH in the room right across from mine and he kept trying to sneak peaks in our room all the time. I actually did see him once when the door opened and that made my day :) Thankfully, this was before hair and make-up. We decided not to do a first look because I wanted us to be on time more than anything else and I just didnt trust his GM. Hair stylist arrived around 9 and jumped right in. I was adamant that we would not be late after the craziness of the rehearsal the previpus day, so I'm sure I was being a bridezilla, but I didnt care. Photog and videographer arrived around 10:30, and got some getting ready type images. Florist arrived with our bouquets and I was happy with the flowers. She did a great job! Anyway, somehow we all managed to get ready and be out the door by 2 which was my goal. We got some pics in the lobby of the hotel.

We arrived at the church by 3 and I was ready to get this show on the road. I asked the coordinator how many people were inside the church and she told me only about 20. I was very dissapointed. I didn't want to get married in an empty church. Then I found out that DH's parents and sisters had not arrived yet. I was starting to get upset because I made sure everyone knew that I wanted us to start on time more than anything else. I hate being late for anything! I had my sis call to find out where they were and they said they were on their way. The coordinator asked what I wanted to do, and I decided to wait. So they led me to the bride's room and I was starting to get really nervous. I had been fine up to that point. Anyway they arrive about 30 minutes later, and we finally get started. I heard my song and started shaking. My dad whispers for me to calm down and just take it easy. I glance in the church and I'm happy to see it packed. I decide to only look at FI and this really helped calm me down. The ceremony was lovely. Our officiant did a good job and everyone did great, considering our rushed rehearsal.

We only have a limited time for formal pics at the church since the wedding started late, so we only took family pics and left for the reception. I wish I had insisted we take more formal posed pics, but nothing I can do about that now. We arrive at the reception and I was pleased to see that cocktail hour was a blast - everyone looked to be having a good time. The coordinator informs me that they're about to get everyone seated and that would take about 30 minutes, so the photog decides to take DH and I to take some private shots at the reception garden. This was lovely and I can't wait to see how they turn out. The reception was awesome - the DJ was great and everyone complemented us on the decor and food. The MC we hired was awful and made some distasteful jokes. When we cut our cake, they didnt have a plate on the table, so the photog had to sprint to the kitchen to grab one - this was a little awkward and I was pissed at the coordinator, but decided to let it go. Also, she kept coming up to the sweetheart table to ask me question after question, and I finally had to tell her to just handle it or go to my MOH as I didnt want to be bothered!  She was starting to stress me out! So when we went to go change, the MC didnt make an announcement that we would be oming back out, and a few people probably thought the night was over and left - the guy was a moron!

Overall, it was the best day of my life so far!!! I didn't let the little things bother me, the DJ was GREAT, everyone enjoyed the open bar till last call at 11:30. I was so tired, but relieved that it was over. Honeymoon in P unta Cana was awesome! We stayed at the majestic elegance resort which is an all inclusive. It rained a couple nights while we were there, but we just stayed in and relaxed. The food was a let down - everything seemed to be overcooked and flavorless, but the facilities were pristine and the service was great. I just wished more of the staff spoke English, but they were really nice. The beach was nice too and the spas were amazing. We met some nice couple and hung out with them most nights. I'm glad to be back home and ready for us to start our lives :) Here are some from FB albums:

In our traditional outfit:
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Re: Wedding recap (Part 2) - Lots of PIP!!!

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