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You Know You Wanna LOOK!!!! PIP

Hey Ladies,

Yesterday I was MIA I'm sorry! I missed y'all,but I had a good reason. I was working on my inserts!! Well my sister was working on the inserts and I was finishing my last few pocketfolds. While Kadyn and Kendall tore up my house!!

Anyway heres the almost final draft. I plan on backing the inserts with the yellow paper and embossing the chandelier on the actual invite. I'm thinking of embossing the chandelier either a Shimmery Black or Gold like in my inspiration invite. I'm leaning more towards Black. What do you Ladies think??

BTW the inserts are not the finally measurements. They were to big so I had to cut them down by hand. I decided not to waste anymore ink and print it again last night because I was tired of dealing with them. SO EXCUSE THE CROOKED LINES!!


Re: You Know You Wanna LOOK!!!! PIP

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