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Let the Good Times Roll

I got my FIRST RSVP back!!!!!!

but why was the first thought after excitement.... what if they say yes.. but then can't make I am a glutten for punishment...

NOTE TO SELF!!!!!!!......Stop finding stuff to STRESS ABOUT!!! That is ALL!!!!
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Re: Let the Good Times Roll

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    Congrats on your first RSVP. Stop thinking negative. Everything will work out. Ride the excitement as far as it is going to take you.
    God Bless
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    YAY for the first RSVP.  Like Soon to Be Mrs said relax and enjoy this time.   :)

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

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    congrats! oh yea and chill out lol
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:938758d2-dc6f-4f93-9bbd-57fdc4c245b6Post:1892647e-f74e-4abb-81c0-1b36c9de5c6a">Re: Let the Good Times Roll</a>:
    [QUOTE]congrats!<strong><em> oh yea and chill out</em></strong> lol
    Posted by shaygray88[/QUOTE]

    haha... got it!!
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    All stuff. They bought to come rolling in. Its ok hun. Dont worry about it.
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